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“Razor” A new view engine for ASP.NET MVC optimized around HTML

ASP.NET MVC has always supported “view engines,” which’re pluggable modules, that implement different template syntax options. “default?” view engine for ASP.NET MVC today uses same .aspx/.ascx/.master file templates as ASP.NET Web Forms. Other popular ASP.NET MVC view engines used today include Spark and NHaml.

“The new view-engine option codename “Razor” is currently under development, is optimized around HTML generation using a code-focused templating approach. It’s coding workflow is fast, expressive and fun. It’s syntax is compact and reduces typing – while at the same time improving overall readability of your markup and code. It’ll be shipping as a built-in view engine with next release of ASP.NET MVC. You can also drop standalone .cshtml/.vbhtml files into your application and run them as single-pages – which also enables you to take advantage of it within ASP.NET Web Forms applications as well,” explains Scott Guthrie.


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