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Rayman M/Rayman Arena Cheats and Glitches (PS2)

Rayman is the definition of a fun game to play and it can be included in the “party” game genre. Use one of the characters from Rayman 2 and race till you drop dead or get involved in some of the most furious battles out there. It’s not much of a game, failing to deliver the content and gameplay of the previous Rayman installments. Controls take a while to get used to and I’m not so sure that the fans will go for this. If you’re a Rayman fanatic and collector, you should play it, but beware of the many glitches you’ll encounter. We’ve snapped pictures of them and you can check those out below.

Nebulous Tower: Go through the tower: Glitch: This is a hard one especially when you use a ledge on the tower to go through it. You grab onto the ledge and when you climb up quickly, turn towards the tower or you can jump from under the ledge. The level will shake and you’ll go through the ledge. It’s very hard to pull off. Any ledge will do but it’s bad because it throws the level into reverse for a while.

Dawn Sand: Secret: On the second part of a lap, there’s a flower. Shoot it and it’ll open a cave. The cave has an infinite boosts floor.

Water Canyon: Glitch: On the final part of the lap, jump into the pool with two platforms and stay on the wall to the left side. Cross the finish line while still staying on the wall. The screen will disappear but after a while, it’ll reappear and the course will be seen from a different angle. After the  second part of the lap, it’ll go back to normal. The cool thing is that the boosts will reverse as well.

Thousand Waterfalls: Secret: On the first part of your lap, when you reach the moving up and down rocks go to the left and through a waterfall and you’ll see Globox sunbathing.

Zenith Harbor: Secret: On the final part of the lap, you see the two electric rooms. Go into the right one and you’ll see a plain wooden box. Shoot it to open a door.

Lava Factory: Glitch: Go to the final part of the lap where you’ll see the sliding floor with different things on it. Stand on the walls on the first floor. You can shoot the switch from here. When the floor moves after you hit the switch, follow the pad’s direction while standing on the wall by walking in the same way and you’ll go through the wall and out of the level. If you hold forward, you can fly up by gaining altitude.

Any Racing Levels: Sometimes the computers will fall off the track. The map shows them drifting off the course.

Haunted Yard/Timber Wood/Coconut Island: Haunted Yard: Using 2 characters, go to the railing in the center of the stage and make both characters smack each other and you’ll get to an invisible platform.

Timber Wood: Again using 2 characters you can make them smack each other to reach high buildings.

Coconut Island: Using 2 Characters once more, make them smack each other to land on the Tree House roof.

I noticed there seems to be another glitch in the races, sometimes a character goes off-screen, nowhere to be found, but on the map. It shows that they are moving further and further away from the race-track, sometimes they don’t stop before coming off the edge of the track! It’s never happened to the character I’m playing, the characters that it’s happened to so far are the Henchman 800, Tily,and I think Globox . Tily was the one that drifted off course and stopped miles away from the race-track, the Henchman 800 went off the map, as with Globox, I just suddenly noticed a character was missing from the map. All those characters came last in those particular races, so I had to assume it was them that disappeared. It’s extremely weird.

Enter the code as your name. After this is done, press L2 + Circle + Square to active it.

3DVISION – 3D Mode

ALLFISH – All Battle Levels

PUPPETS – All Characters


ALLTRIBES – All Race Levels

CARNIVAL – All Skins

ARENAS – Every Battle Level in Mode 1

FIELDS – Every Level Available in Mode 1

TRACKS – Every Race Level Available in Mode 1

OLDTV – Monochrome Mode


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