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PSP Custom Firmware v3.51 M33

A group of russian hackers have released a new PSP custom firmware based on the new 3.51 firmware. DCEMU Can Confirm it Working.

Here are the features:

  • All functions of v3.51 firmware retained – PS1 support, high video resolution, MP3 visualizer, internet navigation, PS3 connection etc
  • Launch Official UMDS which require v3.51 firmware
  • Direct launching of homebrews and demonstrations
  • Direct launching of PS1 images
  • Ability to alter the CPU speed of the PSP
  • Recovery mode
  • Multi-region
  • Bugfixes
  • Customize all your icons etc

Release note: PSP 3.51 M33 Installation

  1. If your PSP is in firmware 1.50, copy the folders kxploitpatcher and kxploitpatcher% which are in the “1.50only” folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME/ and run the patcher first.
  2. if you already have firmware SE/OE, copy the folder M33CREATOR to ms0:/PSP/GAME150 if you have 1.50 copy to ms0:/PSP/GAME
  3. Download the firmware update 3.51 and rename to 351.PBP and copy into the ms0:/PSP/GAME/M33CREATOR/ or for 1.50 users to ms0:/PSP/GAME150/M33CREATOR/
  4. Download the firmware update 1.50 and rename to 150.PBP and copy into the “ms0:/PSP/GAME/M33CREATOR/” or “ms0:/PSP/GAME150/M33CREATOR/”
  5. on your PSP, run the “3.51 M33 CREATOR”. Once finished, the PSP will return to the XMB, and a new program, the “3.51 M33UPDATE” appears!
  6. now run “3.51 M33UPDATE”.
  7. Once finishes, press on X to shutt off. Restart manually.


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Source:→ DCEMU

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