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Prototype 1.6.0 RC Released

The first release candidate of Prototype 1.6.0 has arrived! The core team is continuing its tradition of bringing thoughtful incremental upgrades to the core APIs in addition to performance improvements and bug fixes. Keep reading for some of the highlights of this major release, or download it now for instant gratification.

There is a large number of updates:

  • The event system has been cleaned up. It now works the way you would expect, with “this” doing the right thing
  • You can observe and fire custom events on the DOM (a la Dojo)
  • Thanks to the custom events, DOMContentLoaded is normalized across browsers via: document.observe(“contentloaded”, function() { … })
  • AOP-lite: Simple interception and function currying
  • Function delay and defer: (function() { $(“form”).fire(“requestSent”) }).defer();
  • Ajax.Response: Now you can more easily work with JSON
  • DOM Builder
  • Template API: “#{last}, #{first}”.interpolate({ first: “Andrew”, last: “Dupont” })
  • Improved support for JavaScript 1.6 and WHATWG 1.0 standards

Prototype, Java, Script, JavaScript, Library

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