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Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE (PIAXP) Competition embraces Google Maps and Google App Engine

Kevin MacDonald of ThinkWrap Solutions, from Michigan International Speedway talks about “Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE (PIAXP)” competition, which’ll award $10 million in prizes to teams that win a rigorous stage competition for clean, production-capable vehicles that exceed 100 MPG energy equivalent (MPGe).”

“Vehicles are equipped with telemetry sensors and GPS to capture following key performance indicators (KPI): fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, carbon footprint, speed, distance travelled and location. ThinkWrap Solutions with PIAXP lets you monitor these KPI — second-by-second — using your browser. The web-based experience is centered around a dashboard, Flash app that embeds number of telemetry gadgets, each responsible for display of one KPI. Google Map is central to this experience, which uses combination of location and horizontal dilution of precision (HDOP) to show vehicle’s movement around the track.”

It’s quite a novelty to watch vehicle’s icon round a turn on the map — and then look away from the browser and to track to see actual vehicle approach and pass by.

map and telemetry data in action:

More Info: PIAXP Live | Google Maps API for Flash at Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE

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