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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – Fixes and Cheats

Ubisoft bought the license for Prince of Persia and it turned out to be a great marketing move. The game sold in millions of copies and it generated two sequels. The previous attempts in the franchise were feeble at best, so he Ubisoft version hit the market at full speed. The ancient atmosphere of Persia has incited our imaginations and matched perfectly what we expected to see. To say that Prince of Persia is one of the corner stones of modern gaming should be enough.

Graphics Card Related Problems: There is a problem with the 3.10’s Catalysts where the fog effects appear way too thick but this is solved in the 4.1’s onwards. Also 9800 owners found that they had to reduce the special effects to medium to correct various graphics issues (white glowing water etc.) but this may be fixed in the 4.1’s too. If you are using AA then you will need to either turn it off or disable the water effects unless you can live with blocky graphics effects caused by a problem with pixel shaders and AA which you get in several games.

Nvidia GeForce 6800 UBI has released a patched executable for the Nvidia GeForce 6800 graphics card so if you are experiencing problems and have one of these then give this a try. If you are experiencing very low FPS on an Nvidia mobile chipset then it may be down to a service pack/update from Nvidia which can be found on Microsoft website. It’s a 12 MB update dated around August 2003. It’s not a graphics driver update but a service pack/patch and should be found in the custom  hardware section of the site.

General Graphics Corruption: This can be caused by several factors. The first thing to try is setting the graphics options in the game to their lowest to see if the problem goes away. If it does, then gradually bring up the graphics settings until you track down the problem so you know which option caused the problem. You can then return everything else back to the highest level that your system can handle.

If you are using Anti-Aliasing, you are likely to experience graphics distortions when Water Effects are enabled. You have three choices here: Disable AA, Disable the Water Effects in POP!

Another cause of corrupted graphics is if your computer is getting very hot (insufficient cooling/airflow) and the GPU or VRAM overheat. If this is happening, then you may find that the textures suddenly start to look strange after having being fine before, or that the game suddenly freezes or quits you back to the desktop. The same goes for the CPU, if it gets too hot then your system will become unstable and prone to crashes. To see if this is the problem you can take the side of your computer’s case off and play the game for a little while to see if you still get the same problem or if it goes away.

Game crashing on launch or during in game videos: When the game first starts it runs a series of video logos, Bink, Nvidia, UBI etc. These videos are in Bink format and there are tools such as Rad Video Tools that enable you to play game videos back outside of the game. There’s nothing wrong with using these programs, but if you have an older version installed, then it may be conflicting with the game’s video player. If this is the case then either uninstall Rad Video Tools or get the latest version.

CD Protection Related: POP uses a CD protection that doesn’t like virtual drives, so if you are running into problems when launching or installing the game, then you will have to remove software such as Alcohol or Daemon Tools. You may also need to reinstall the game after uninstalling your virtual drive software.

If the game won’t install because you get CRC or Component Transfer Errors then you can try copying the contents of the CDs to separate folders on your HD and running the installer from there. When it asks for the next CD during installation just point the installer at the location of the folder for the next disc. You will still need to original game CD in your drive to play the game. Disabling Hyperthreading has also been mentioned as a possible solution, should you encounter installation problems.

You could run into problems if you have a lot of HD partitions which push the CD drive letters down and may make the protection think you are running virtual drive software which it may not like either. Drive letters can be remapped in Windows, but if you don’t know how to do this yet, then I wouldn’t recommend trying it as you could cause problems with installed programs if you don’t do it right.

The Sound Cutting Out Problem: This has been documented frequently on this board, but no concrete solution was ever found. There’s no patch for this either, so it’s not worth asking. Here are some things to try and which have helped others in solving sound problems:

  • Reinstall DX9
  • Remove any codec packs such as NEMO
  • Disable hardware sound within the game
  • Disable or lower the hardware sound acceleration within DXDIAG
  • Install older/newer sound drivers
  • Make sure all volumes are on and turned up in the sound control panel
  • Install all windows updates you don’t have
  • For the Audigy Gamer try the 5.12.0001.0383 drivers

Unlock 3D Prince of Persia level: To unlock the 3D level from the first Prince of Persia, simply start a new game. You will begin it on a balcony, do NOT go inside. Then do this:

Hold [X] and press [Space], left mouse, [E], [C], [E], [Space], left mouse, [C]


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