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PIGORASS Quadruped Four-legged Robot [Video]

This pneumatically-driven quadruped robot PIGORASS, developed by Yasunori Yamada researcher at the ISI Lab at the Graduate School of Information Science & Technology, The University of Tokyo.

This four-legged robot that can walk, jump, and (in a way) gallop, too.

PIGORASS also moves “autonomously” via a simulated neural system, meaning it isn t necessary to program which action it should take in advance. Instead, the robot uses a set of pneumatic artificial muscles (shown in red), passive muscles (springs, in blue), pressure sensors and potentiometers to propel itself forward.

The idea here is to “to understand better the mechanisms underlying the animal s locomotor skills and how to apply them in robots” and “capture the important features of animals musculoskeletal system in order to realize the embodiment of the neural system”, as Yamada et al. explain ina PDF document.

Watch PIGORASS in action in the video below:

Here is the Yamada a full research paper (read only):

[Via: Plastic Pals]

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