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Photo Gallery: Steve Jobs keynote’s the iPhone lives

Dan Farber on ZDNet blog posted a photo gallery of Steve Jobs Macworld keynote. Jobs was in fine form as he announced that Apple has shed the “Computer” in its name and is now officially Apple Inc. As I posted earlier, the iPhone–an iPod with a phone, camera and browser–is a game changing device. It packs the power of the desktop, via Mac OS X software, into a small form factor with a very sophisticated touch screen and very slick user interface. Jobs once again proves that he is uncanny in his ability to develop products that seem revolutionary. He quoted hockey great Wayne Gretzky in his keynote: “I skate to where the puck in going to be, not where it has been.” Indeed, and competitors will continue to lag behind Apple.

Some people I talked to complained that the iPhone lacks VoIP or support for Microsoft Office attachments, but they are minor disturbances at this point. As Jobs said, the killer app for a phone is making calls. Just getting that part right, integrating it with other applications and data collections, and providing the slick interface overcomes any major limitation in the current feature set, which will surely continue to evolve. 

Jobs said Apple has filed over 200 patents and intends to protect them, meaning he doesn’t want to make it easy for competitors to catch up.

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