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Pattern Detection with StreamInsight and Samples Package On CodePlex

Microsoft added a new sample solution to samples package on CodePlex, that uses StreamInsight extensibility framework to implement a pattern detection app. The solution can be found in Applications\PatternDetector contains – apart from the used adapters – following projects:

  • AugmentedFiniteAutomaton (refers to a project in UserExtensions), which implements a pattern matching user-defined operator.
  • PatternDetector, which uses user-defined operator to look for a V-pattern in a stock ticker stream

“Our pattern matching user-defined operator is based on an augmented finite automaton (AFA) – which’s basically a non-deterministic finite automaton (NFA) with additional information, called a register, that can be created and maintained as part of the automaton during runtime,” explained Microsoft.

More Info: Samples Package | pattern matching using AFA


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