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Partner TV Goes Silverlight An Overview

Mark Johnston provide some overview on what exactly Silverlight is and which partners should be paying attention to this new technology to James.

Turns out most of them, whether you’re a graphic designer or software developer who creates the software or a business who has a website – you should be aware of what Silverlight is and what it can do for you.

Some useful links that Mark told was www.silverlight.net and also Tim Sneath’s Blog which has got some really cool samples on.

James has posted some changes to Partner TV, the first of which (if you don’t count a bit more text explaining the videos) is a Silverlight player. This new enhancement brings cross-browser, cross-platform capability to Partner TV making it more inline with other video sharing websites.  This is just phase one of the masterplan but it’s all slotting in place nicely so watch this space for some interesting developments over the coming months 🙂

Getting the Silverlight player on the blog needed a little bit of creative thinking on my part, because our blogging platform is a bit limited with regards customisation and my videos are quite large. My solution, which I consider a bit of a workaround because of the blogging platform uses the following:

  1. Expression Media Encoder
  2. Silverlight Streaming for hosting the Silverlight App
  3. Media Streaming powered by Windows Server
  4. Windows Live Writer

Let me explain why I decided upon this concoction of products:

Using Expression Media Encoder

I consider the Expression Media Encoder the runt of the Expression family because it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, is often misunderstood but is bloody useful.  You use it to process media files ready for the web (or whatever platform) and get them in a format which is appropriate for your audience.  You can also do bits of final cut editing like including a title video sequence or trimming the footage. 

The other important aspect of Media Encoder is the output format.  If you want to, you can simply output to WMV, but you also have the ability to output a Silverlight app, with all the relevant files required (javascript files, xml files etc.). 

It’s also worth mentioning that you can set a preview frame so that before your video starts you can present an image to the user whilst things are being downloaded in the background (good for low bandwidth users).

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