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Organize Series Plugin

The Organize Series plugin helps with the organization and presentation of articles/posts you write as part of a series. It helps make it easier for readers of your blog to discover all the series you’ve written and also to easily find post that are part of the same series. Used with the Category Icons Plugin (optional and not required) by Ivan Georgiev you can even add attractive graphics/logos (designed by yourself or someone else of course) to accompany your series.


  • Integrates with the category system of WordPress
  • Robust administration options menu for the plugin that allows you to control much of the output of the plugin to suit your own tastes without having to open the plugin file and edit things manually. Of course, for those less familiar with html tags and .css the default options will let you “drop in” and go (with only one caveat – you do have to set what the category id is for your main series category – more in the installation/usage instructions below).
  • Automatic tag insert for displaying a “container” on the full post page that will show what series it belongs to and other articles in the series. Of course, via the options panel in the wordpress admin, you can choose to disable the auto-tag if you wish to have more control over where the container is displayed (i.e. in the sidebar instead).
  • A custom .css file (orgSeries.css) accompanying the plugin to make it easier to make changes in the display of various elements (for those familiar with .css).
  • An example custom category template file that can be added to your template themes directory (with one modification) to create the custom list of all the series you’ve written. The output of this list of course can be controlled via the options panel.
  • Two simple tags for easy insertion in your theme if you want to have more control over the way your series are presented.
  • Tested on and works in WordPress 2.0x versions and a pre-check has been completed to make sure it complies with the upcoming WordPress 2.1. However, I have not tested it on 2.1 yet.
  • Makes managing and viewing the series you write on your blog a whole lot easier.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download orgSeries.zip, and extract to a local folder.
  2. Upload extracted orgSeries folder to wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Activate from the plugins page in WordPress Admin panel.
  4. Create a category that will be the main category for your series (i.e. the parent category that will contain all the other categories for the various series you write). Make note of the category id for the main series category.
  5. Go to options / Series Options panel, and in the field labeled “Series Category ID” (the first field) enter in the category ID for your parent Series category and then click on the update options button.
  6. Copy the “category-XX.php” file from the orgSeries folder into the template folder for your current theme. Rename the file and replace the XX with the category id of your parent series. For example say the category id for your parent series is 3. The file should then be renamed to “category-3.php”.
  7. Note: In a few cases, the code may need to be modified in the category-XX.php file if it doesn’t appear right by default. In such cases you will need to look at your existing template category.php and/or archive.php (or even index.php where it calls the if_category() function) to see the structure of the template you are using to know how to change the structure of custom category-XX.php file.

    Usage Instructions

    • When you get an idea for a series – create a new category that is named what you want to call the series. In the description for the category describe what your series is all about. Then make sure you place this category as a subcategory of the parent series category.
    • If you want to have a graphic accompany that series – set it up via the category icons plugin.
    • Now, when you write the posts for that series all you have to do is select the category in the write/edit posts screen like you would normally do for assigning categories. You don’t have to select the parent series category but you can if you want. You can also assign other categories like normal without affecting the way the Organize Series plugin works.
    • After publishing your post you’ll notice that when you go to the permalink for that post you’ll see the series information in a container. If it doesn’t look quite like you want – play around with the options panel (and/or the .css file) to get it to look the way you want!
    • You’ll also notice that the parent-series category page now includes the series you just created.

Organize Series Plugin -Home Page

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