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OpenToro 4.0: Ajax Web Database Publisher

OpenToro is a Web Database Publisher, a tool that allows us developing database-driven web applications in an agile and automatic way. Using OpenToro simply means to forget coding countless SQLs and JSPs every time we want to implement a web application with database access.

With Opentoro you will easily be able to:

  • Listing Database Tables.
  • Visualizing Records.
  • Generating Forms for inserting, modifying and deleting records.
  • Database tables managing.

OpenToro Works with any SQL-92 compatible database, but if you want to use advanced features of some databases you can use (or develop) specific SQL Engines.

OpenToro implements SQL Engines for the following databases: MySql,Oracle, Access, SQL-Server, HSqlDB.

This version has made a strong effort implementing advanced Ajax technology, like:

  • Combo’s reloading (with N-Dependences).
  • TextSuggest fields.
  • Ajax record’s search.
  • Embedded loading of forms, records and listings.

Download: Demo Screencasts to learn more.

OpenToro 4.0

OpenToro, Ajax, Java, Framework, Web+Database+Publisher

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