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“One Strategy” Book by Steven Sinofsky

“One Strategy: Organization, Planning and Decision Making,” is due out Nov. 30. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons; List price: $39.95. “One Strategy” built around internal blog posts of Microsoft Windows chief Steven Sinofsky, the objective’s management lessons, and Sinofsky and Harvard Business School professor Marco Iansiti succeed in drawing insights from Windows team’s radical transformation on path from Windows Vista to Windows 7. Book will serve in some ways as an unofficial sequel to widely read “Microsoft Secrets,” published in 1995, as a blueprint for people seeking to understand prevailing management strategy inside world’s largest software company. And technology geeks’ll still find worthwhile insights into personalities behind Windows team such as the way Sinofsky reacted after seeing one of his confidential internal blog posts quoted in the media. Rather than sending out traditional, threatening corporate missive, Sinofsky reacted by writing another internal post, with headline, “An Allegory of Van Gogh and Batteries.” In it, he reflected at great length on his college art-history class, in which the professor made students vow “not to tape record lessons or try to take notes, but to experience the art.” The promise was ultimately betrayed by another student whose illicit taping was revealed when a recorder fell off a desk, and batteries rolled to professor’s feet. In that way, book itself is an embodiment of Sinofsky’s now-famous pitch for “translucency” rather than complete transparency in company’s disclosures to outside world.


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