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One login for all Web services with UsableLogin

Due to the sheer number of web services, most of us have devised a system for remembering all those passwords: most of the time we make them all the same, which’s easy as is dangerously insecure.

UsableLogin is a new application from Usable Security Systems which allows you to choose one simple code word and use it to log into any web site. That codeword can be as simple as your dog’s name (“fido”) or your favorite color (“pink”). Why is this possible? Because the code word is just one layer of security – behind the scenes, the software creates another password for you for the actual web site. The password it creates is strong, complex, and highly secure, just as we know passwords should be.
How It Works

To use UsableLogin, you simply download the browser plugin. After you pick a background image and your easy-to-recall pass code, the login box will appear consistently across every web site you access, whether that’s Facebook or your bank.


If you want to learn more about UsableLogin, you can watch their entire presentation from DEMO08.

Source:→ ReadWriteWeb

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