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Office for Mac Adds Touch Bar Support, Plus New Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery & Excel 2016 Features

At the Apple’s launch event, Microsoft said Office for Mac is adding support for Apple’s new Touch Bar, that intelligently puts (per your work), the most common commands at your fingertips.

In the Word, Touch Bar will bring access to a brand new Word Focus Mode, that hides all of the on-screen ribbons and commands, to help users focus on work. It puts most relevant features at fingertips, with one tap access to them.

While in PowerPoint, it allow easy manipulation of graphic elements with a new Reorder Objects button as well as a swipe gesture for easy rotating an object to get the right angle.

Touch Bar in Excel, by just typing an equals sign into a cell shows the most recently used functions, and also provides quick access to borders, cell colors and recommended charts.

The Touch Bar in Outlook give quick access to most commonly used features such as recent documents to add either as an attachment or a link to an email. And Today view on Touch Bar, lets you see calendar events and even let join a Skype for Business meeting.

Office for Mac Touch Bar in word

Office for Mac Touch Bar support in Outlook

Microsoft released several updates for Excel 2016 and the Power Query add-in, introducing three new data transformation and connectivity features available as part of an Office 365 subscription.

These updates include features such as “query parameters support, improved web connector with web page previews, and query editor improvements with options to merge/append as a new query.”

The new “Manage Parameters” dialog in Query Editor allow users to now create and manage parameters for their queries, as well reference those parameters via the Data Source dialogs, within the Excel workbook.

In addition, parameters can be loaded to grid or to Data Model just like any other query, allowing references from Excel formulas or DAX measures.

Improved Web connector let you now import data from websites formatted as an HTML table or even pull data from Web APIs. With new mode in Navigator dialog users can preview tables on web pages “in context” and select desired tables by just clicking on them within Web View preview.

You can access it with Web View, as well switch back to classic data-centric view by selecting the Table View option.

Query Editor improvement like option to merge or append multiple tables, allowing them to mash up data from multiple sources into a single table, writes office team.

The Merge/Append operations are on the ribbon under the Home tab inside Query Editor.

Query Editor Improvements

Office 365 app suite gets today eDiscovery analysis workflow with one-click export support to Excel as well as other new features such as Express Analysis and Export with analytics to Excel.

These features make it easier and faster for organizations to quickly find, analyze and review relevant information related to investigations, legal matters and regulatory requests.

eDiscovery is applicable for a wide variety of scenarios where you need to sort through a set of unstructured data to find the small number of files which may be relevant.

Express Analysis accelerates the analytics workflow as it allow quickly minimize and organize large dataset and export to a desired location.

While, Export with analytics allows to view analyzed results directly in Excel. The exported file includes all metadata such as “Sender, Recipient, Date and other email/file-related information” associated with documents. It also include all Advanced eDiscovery analytics information, including email threading, near-duplicates and the key themes in the document.

The new “For review” column flags, when an email or document needs to be look by the reviewer or if it is a redundant information. Additionally using a new hyperlink you can navigate actual data to determine relevance.

To take advantage of Advanced eDiscovery Express Analysis and Export with analytics to Excel, simply go to the Security & Compliance Center in your tenant.

Lastly, the team notes, additional eDiscovery enhancements such as “Unified Case Management, Search and Export Analytics, optical character recognition and new intelligent analytics features in the Security & Compliance Center” will be releasing in the coming months.

Export with analytics and view in Excel

OneNote app for Android also received update such as: “you can now use the undo and redo actions to rewrite history, rename sections anytime to keep notes organized, re-enabled support for autocorrect on the Google keyboard.”

Windows Insiders on the Fast ring will find a number of Microsoft apps updated today, including Skype Preview, Groove Music, Movies & TV, and Windows Maps. Today’s Maps update brings the app to version 5.1610.2953.0, and it’s only for Windows.

The update bring along a most requested feature that’s the ability to be able to “organize your favorites, and save places into collections.”

User will also able to open the collection or favorites list and add the place from there, it can be done via the details pane of the location.

Windows Maps will now show home, work, and the place you parked your car at the top of your favorites list.

Microsoft today highlighting four technology ways that helps transform teaching and learning in school: “Create and share in entirely new ways, Teaching and learning through doing and exploring, Accommodate individual learning needs, and Focus on outcomes, not technology.”

Create and share in entirely new ways with tools like OneNote Class Notebook, Sway, Office 365 and Skype provide the resources and experiences students need to create, build, collaborate, research and analyze.

Teaching and learning through doing and exploring while in classroom through a virtual field trip with Skype, creating virtual worlds and then exploring them with Minecraft, or bringing subjects to life – including math! – through pen-to-paper partner apps, students can simulate the real world.

Accommodate individual learning needs with Windows 10 supports assistive learning experiences, like digital pen for visual thinking, touch for tactile learning, text-to-speech for students with visual impairments and speech-to-text for students with hearing impairments.

Focus on outcomes, not technology. Windows 10 Education provides powerful learning experiences with a wide range of tools designed specifically for education like single sign-on that give access to all learning material from any device, online or offline. Configurable tools protect student information by helping to block damaging malware and undesirable content and apps.

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