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Office 365’s Admin Center Hits GA, Adds New Service Health Dashboard

The Office 365 administration center is out of preview and is generally available, now giving administrators an improved management experience that’s easier and faster while providing new capabilities and insights.

In addition also introducing the Service health dashboard.

Since first preview in September 2015, admin center provided an improved management experience for Office 365 while providing new capabilities and insights. The general availability brings the following new features today:

Over 350 new services and features were introduced last year alone to Office 365.

The most visible changes are on the redesigned home page, where most common tasks such as adding or editing user including their licenses, roles, or resetting a password, domains, or checking notifications, configuring settings are all readily accessible.

In addition, admins can now see more users on a page with user list supports infinite scroll, and also you can now edit users details in bulk up to 100 users at a time. Clicking user’s name, will bring a fly-out with important properties and allow you to edit settings such as email forwarding, automatic replies and email apps.

Other improvements were also added such as:

  • You can personalize admin experience by rearranging cards the ones you care most at the top, and add or remove other cards.
  • If you’re looking for a specific setting or feature, you can use the navigation menu to find information.
  • You can also now manage all your groups including distribution lists, security groups, mail-enabled security groups and Office 365 Groups from the same location.
  • Message center now lets you filter by “message type, dismiss a message, mark it as read or unread or even share it with peers.” Even, you can use machine translation to view messages in your preferred language.

And, the new usage reporting dashboard provides valuable insights about Office 365 services down to individual user level. The team explains, “usage reports will be accompanied by a Power BI content pack letting you share and to pivot by attributes like region or department.”

You can even export more information directly from the UI to a CSV file.

Lastly, you can also monitor Directory Synchronization (DirSync) status and quickly identify issues.

Also a new “Service health dashboard” provides admins with insights such as service health, service incidents, improve internal support and users’ Office 365 experience. The new Service health dashboard currently in preview is available for Office 365 customers worldwide today.

Here is a summary of the improvements that you’ll find in the new Service health dashboard:

  • Access rich and more actionable incident insights and a new view that separates major business critical outages from others and splits them into two categories: incidents and advisories.
  • new summary view surfaces most relevant and critical details in just two short sentences, while more detailed view provides all available information, including workarounds and message history.
  • number of impacted users help you understand the impact of the service incident on your organization.
  • Outages of services can be indicated as incidents compared to minor situations which are better categorized as advisories.

Microsoft concludes the post saying more enhancements will be coming in few months, including:

  • Tell us about issues will provide you easy way to report “issues that impacted you and don’t show up in Service health dashboard.”
  • Stay informed through text and/or email so that you can monitor the service and track issues through the channel you prefer.
  • In addition to number of impacted users, you will also see a full list of impacted users.
  • Check the health of your users. You can use on-demand user health checks by running a test against the service.
  • and, user Monitoring will enable you to proactively monitor specific users and to find out about possible health issues affecting those users right away—often before they might even notice them, the team writes.

To get access to new dashboard, you can send an email with subject “I want to be part of the preview” to [email protected]. You must include both your tenant ID and tenant domain (i.e., contoso.com).

You will be notify by an email with access instructions, as it can take 1–2 weeks, to enable the preview for your tenant.

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