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Office 2013 Available Worldwide for Purchase; Windows Store App Crash Reports

Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 now available for purchase around the world, including Australia, the UK, various European countries and the United States via Microsoft Store, or online via Microsoft’s own portal.

The editions include the Office Home and Student 2013, Office Home and Business 2013, and the Office Professional.

Office Home and Student 2013 for UDD $175 US, Office Home and Business 2013 for $310, or Office Professional 2013 for $622, and Office 365 Home Premium $123 for one year, installable on five PCs.

Office 2013 and Office 365 available across the World

Microsoft also published a new montage vidoe of all the new products and services include Windows Phone 8, Surface, Windows 8, Xbox SmatGlass, and Outlook.

Microsoft is now offering crash reports to Windows Store developers to those who failed certification due to their app hanging or crashing.

“Starting on Monday, 1/28, when an app fails certification for either of these reasons, we’ll send a crash file with the certification report. You’ll be able to see exactly what happened during the crash, which should help you identify and fix the issue,” Microsoft stated.

“Both files provide info that can help determine what happened when the app crashed or became unresponsive. Once you’ve fixed the problem, you can resubmit your app,” the company adds.

The crash files come in one of two formats:

  • “A crash dump (.dmp) file contains critical info about the crashed application. These can be opened in Visual Studio 2012 or with our Windows Debugger Tools.
  • An ErrorInfo (.txt) file contains info about crashes related to an unhandled JavaScript exception,” Microsoft explains.

You can even visit this link to read up on how to analyze the crash report. The crash data for published apps is also accessible through the Quality reports available in Windows Store Dashboard.

Microsoft also warns users of fake Java updates, saying Java is just one piece of software that cybercriminals target –“cybercriminals are taking advantage of news about security vulnerabilities in Java and recommendations to update Java immediately.”

Adding, “We agree that if you use Java on your device you should update it directly from the Oracle website. If you don’t, then it’s a good idea to uninstall older versions of Java and disable Java in your browser like you would for any unused software,” the company added.

Get updates for Java from Oracle, and check how to turn on automatic updates for Java.

Microsoft also warn users on the Oracle’s recently redefined Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) dubbing as “cloudwashing” and said that it “merely a payment plan.”

“By Oracle’s logic that would be Television-as-a-Service. Perhaps mortgages can be marketed as Home-as-a-Service. And that car loan? Auto-as-a-Service! TaaS, HaaS, AaaS aside, true IaaS (infrastructure as a service) is not a payment plan,” Microsoft team server cloud wrote.

“This isn’t the first time that Oracle has been accused of “cloudwashing,” either, though at least they’ve sometimes been honest about what they are doing,” the team adds.

James Staten notes that misrepresenting static server environments as “cloud” by vendors does their customers a disservice – and creates confusion across the industry. He also goes on to note that ignoring the realities of today’s public cloud usage is equally dangerous.

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