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Office 2010: Document Accessibility Checker feature

This post discusses about Office 2010’s document Accessibility Checker, created as a core feature of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to examine the most common accessibility problems in Office documents and bucketing them in terms of their severity into three categories: Issues where content is unreadable; Issues where content is difficult to read; Issues that may or may not make content difficult to read. Based on these categories, checker looks for – when presented to user, they’re bucketed into “Errors”, “Warnings”, and “Tips” – these buckets correspond to above three descriptions. “accessibility checker’s integrated with authoring workflow; accessibility results directly into Backstage view. When you click File tab / Info place, accessibility information’ll be provided under Prepare for Sharing header. For more information, click ‘Check for Issues -> Check Accessibility”. This’ll close Backstage View and a task pane opens to find and fix issues in a document.”


More info: Office 2010: Accessibility Investments & Document Accessibility

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