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NVIDIA Revealed Tesla General Purpose Processor Platform

NVIDIA reveals that it is not behind when it comes to general purpose GPU, or GPGPU, computing. The GPGPU product lineup will be known as Tesla. Tesla is a top to bottom product lineup consisting of internal PCIe cards and external high-performance computing, or HPC, systems – Tesla C870, S870 and D870.

The internal PCIe solution consists of an output-less GeForce 8-series based card on a PCIe x16 card. The Tesla C870 is NVIDIA’s only internal GPGPU card for desktops. The GPGPU still requires two external PCIe power connectors and consumes up to 170-watts of power at maximum. NVIDIA claims the Tesla C870 delivers 518 Gigaflops of GPGPU processing power.

Last year, the company announced a highly integrated graphics sub-system named QuadroPlex. Using a number of GPUs in a tightly integrated system, the QuadroPlex family of machines accelerated 3D rendering and graphics work. QuadroPlex became the stepping-stone for the new Tesla S870.

The Tesla S870 GPGPU server packs four GeForce 8-series GPUs in an external system with packaging similar to the QuadroPlex. The GPGPU delivers two Teraflops of GPGPU computing power while consuming up to 800-watts of power.

Finally, the Tesla D870 comes equipped with two GeForce 8-series GPUs and offers up to two Teraflops of computing power – similar to the S870. Where the Tesla D870 differs, however, is in its power consumption. The Tesla D870 consumes just 550-watts of power and fits into a stackable 1U chassis.

Tesla S870 and D870 systems connect to workstation systems via an external PCIe Gen2 x16 interconnect. The machines contain PCIe switches and can be daisy-chained with more systems. As with the Tesla C870 GPU card, the Tesla S870 and D870 systems lack output capabilities. Theoretically, customers can purchase multiple Tesla GPGPU systems and chain them up for big increases in performance.

NVIDIA designed the new Tesla family for everything from graphics rending to medical research and data farming. At the core level, GPUs are far more efficient at dealing with parallel computing than general-purpose processors. This makes Tesla very powerful for cluster-type applications.

The Tesla S870, C870 and D870 carry an MSRP of $12,000, $1,499 and $7,500, respectively.

Source:→ DailyTech

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