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Now See Google Contacts and Calendar Events in Google Maps; Intro College Scorecard

Google Maps with Google Calendar making it easier for Android users worldwide to now quickly access their Calendar events directly from the Maps.

To make your events appear on Maps, make sure to enter the address in the “Where” box when you create an event in Google Calendar. Now, when you are signed into both Calendar and Maps, “you’ll see your Google Calendar events right there on the map,” google said.

In addition, a new “Upcoming” tab show you a list of all your upcoming events. To access, open the sidebar menu, tap “Your Places” and then tap “Upcoming.” Additionally, you can also hide specific events by tapping on the event from the map and then tapping “Dismiss.”

Here’s a list of existing Google Maps features that help you personalize your experience by surfacing important information where it matters most.

You can save home and work addresses to get directions in seconds. Additionallly, you can add a little flair by marking home and work on the map with your favorite sticker.

And, you can now “label frequently visited places or upcoming destinations,” by just opening Google Maps, “search for the address you want to label, press the label button, and enter a name.” The next time you type the name into the search box in Maps, “your label will be a suggested result.”

In addition, when a hotel, flight or restaurant reservations’ confirmation arrives in Gmail, the information now appear in Google Maps for easy access when on the go. As well as in the new “Upcoming” tab in “Your Places.”

Even your Google contacts now appear on Maps as well, helping you to “get directions by typing their name in the search box [as long as an address attached to contact info].”

Finally, by using new personal content manager under the settings tab in the side menu, you can manage “all your personal content and how they appears on Google Maps,” added google.

“Simply toggle off what you don’t want to show and toggle on what’s most helpful to you.”

Google Maps intergrates Calendar Events and Label Google Contacts on Google Maps

In other news, getting answer to questions like “Can I even afford college?” to “Where should I go?” and “What should I study?” or “How can I serve the community with my college education?” — becomes easier with the new tool “College Scorecard” directlu in Google search across the U.S.

“The College Scorecard has the most comprehensive data ever published about college costs, graduation rates, employment outcomes and student debt for every college,”‘ google writes. The dataset includes “nearly 2,000 elements for more than 7,000 institutions, dating back 18 years,” added google.

Apps such as “College Abacus, and Pell Abacus are building College Scorecard data into college search tools oriented towards low-income students.” While federal agencies such as “the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense are building the data into their college search tools, ensuring students have the information they need to apply their service member and veterans’ benefits at high-quality schools,” google said.

College Scorecard in Google Search

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