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New Google+ Inspired Google Reader Introduces New ‘Share Button’ – Restrict File Download in Google Apps & Docs

Google ReaderOn October 20, Google released a new Google+ inspired user interface for Google Reader, which required too many clicks to share a post: first you need to +1 the post, then click the share box and finally click “share”.

No more!, Now, Google made it easier to share a post in Google Reader: just click the new “share” button and click “share” once again in the modal dialog.

Another advantage is that you can use the old keyboard shortcut for sharing items: Shift+S. Unfortunately, you can’t use keyboard shortcuts in the modal dialog, so you still need to click “Share”.

“Decoupling the “+1” button from the “share” button is a good idea and Google should adjust the code of the +1 widget to make this possible. “Liking” and “sharing” are two different actions and should be treated separately, especially considering that +1’s are always public, while sharing can be limited to a few people or circles,” says Alex.

Google Reader: New UI Sharing post

New Google Reader UI: sharing post

In other Google news, Google recently made it possible to restrict the download of non-Google editor file types in Google Docs. This restriction can be applied to .ppt, .pdf, video, and image files for example — applicable on Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education.

How to access what’s new:

Select the file that you want to restrict, select the ‘More’ menu and choose the new option. Alternatively, right-click a document in the docslist and select ‘prevent viewers from downloading’ from the menu options.

For more infromation, visit the help center article.

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