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New Facebook Premium Ads Launching At FMC, February 29

Facebook plans to upgrade its premium ads on February 29 at Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC) media event in New York. The company has been testing several new ad units, which leaked documents claim will produce more engagement, better recall, and a “significant increase in purchase intent.”

According to Peter Corbett, CEO of iStrategyLabs, who shared the documents with Gigaom, “the company expects the new ads to perform 40 to 8o percent better than its previous product.”

After this launch, the following formats will no longer be available: Premium Like (Photo & Video), Premium Event (Photo & Video), Video Comment, Premium Roll (Photo & Video). Premium Standard ads (links to destinations off Facebook) and Marketplace ads will still be available.

Facebook New Premium Ads Launching on Feb 29 at fmc

Facebook will allow marketers to take any type of content posted to their Facebook Page and turn it into an ad. Content posted on a Page is currently only viewable to those who have Liked a Page, but once turned into a Premium Ad, that content can be targeted to any Facebook user. That’s right: those ads in your News Feed are about to get a whole lot more encroaching.

  1. Make a Page post: There will be six types of premium ads: Photo, Video, Question, Status, Event, and Link
  2. Promote as an Ad: The ad is created from the content of your Page post. Anything you can post on your Page, you can turn into an ad. Upgraded Premium Ads can be targeted to anyone you want. All available targeting options can be used.
  3. More Social for Friends of Fans: When the person seeing your ad has friends who are fans of your Page, we’ll automatically expand the ad with enhanced social context about those friends, at no extra cost to you.
  4. More Engagement Points for Fans: When fans see your ad, they’ll see an expanded interface below the ad that lets them Like or comment on the poast directly from the ad.
  5. Ability to change an ad’s content on a daily basis by authoring a post on the brand’s Facebook page
  6. More interactivity, such as letting users comment under ads, similar to page posts
  7. Reporting and metrics are not being upgraded
  8. Old premium ads will be phased out, starting Feb. 29
  9. Marketplace Ads/self-service ads won’t be affected

Facebook premium ads guide:

Facebook premium ads guide:


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