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New AdWords Price Extensions for Mobile Text Ads

New AdWords Price Extension basically add a set of rows to the bottom of your ad, which potential customers can scroll through. “Price extensions appear below your text ad on mobile, and give you more space to tell people details about what your business offers,” exlains google on AdWords support page. “After interacting with your price menu on mobile, people can tap straight from the item that interests them to that item on your mobile site.”

“Price extensions can add more value to your Search Network text ads by giving you a bigger showcase for your services and range of products, and by linking people directly to what interests them on your site,” writes google.

After interacting with your price menu on mobile, people can tap straight from the item that interests them to that item on your mobile site.

So, what does it cost, according to google, “cost of a click on a price extension equals the cost of a click on the title or display URL of the ad it shows with.” In other words, “you’ll be charged the same amount no matter where the user clicks—the ad or the extension,” expalins google support

Price extensions give people more opportunities to click, “but you won’t be charged for more than two clicks per impression.” Plus, if someone “quickly clicks on more than one link while viewing an ad,” google explained, adding, “this may get treated as a duplicate or invalid click and you won’t get charged for the second click.”

To get it, first sign-in to your Google AdWords account, then click on the “Ad Extensions” text, and click “View”, followed by click “+ Extension”, and then click “+ New Price Extension.”

Here are a few reasons to consider adding price extensions to your ads:

  • Surface your offerings. Price extensions showcase your business’s offerings in an interactive format users can scroll through.
  • Make shortcuts to conversions. When people tap a specific item on your price menu, they go directly to it on your site.
  • Increase your impact—with minimal work. You won’t need to make new text ads or edit your old ones, google explains.

AdWords Price Extension

AdWords Scripts now supports Audiences for Search and Shopping campaigns, google just announced in a post stating: “This release covers all the features you can do through the Audiences Tab in the AdWords UI – target or exclude audiences for an ad group, exclude audiences for a campaign, and apply or adjust bid modifiers, writes dev team.”

“You may also retrieve audiences and their stats associated with ad groups and campaigns,” team added.

Audience creation is not supported in this release.

See the code snippets to learn how to use this feature here.

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