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Network Link Conditioner Utility in Mac OS X Lion Let You Simulate Internet and Bandwidth Speeds

Network Link Conditioner, is a highly customizable tool that lets you simulate a variety of common internet connectivity speeds. The utility added to Mac OS X Lion and Xcode 4.1 is aimed at Mac and iOS developers so they can test their apps response times on a variety of network conditions, but it’s also extremely useful for IT admins, network administrators, and web developers, and allow you to simulate less than desirable network conditions, such as a bad 3G connection or Edge with “Good Connectivity”.

This is an especially useful utility for those developing apps and sites that highly rely on network connectivity, whether it’s a multiplayer game or just an animation heavy web app.

After you’ve installed Xcode 4.1 via the Mac App Store, launch Network Link Conditioner from your Utilities folder and select one of the predefined network conditions from the pane on the left. You can also set custom bandwidth profiles to define a specific set of conditions for dropped packets, DNS delay, and uplink and downlink bandwidth. This is definitely a great tool to have and a welcomed addition as part of the improvements made to Xcode for Lion.

  • Download and install Xcode 4.1 (App Store link) – free download for OS X 10.7 users
  • After Xcode is installed, head on over to:
  • /Applications/Utilities/Network Link Conditioner/

  • Double-click on “Network Link Conditioner.prefPane” to load the utility into System Preferences

You can start using the bandwidth simulator right away. Network Link Conditioner is fairly self explanatory, just select a bandwidth profile that you want to simulate and click the “ON” button to activate it immediately. The default choices are:

  • 3G – Average Case, Good Connectivity, or Lossy Network
  • Cable Modem
  • DSL
  • Edge – Average Case, Good Connectivity, or Lossy Network
  • Wifi – Average Case, Good Connectivity, or Lossy Network

If you find the existing bandwidth profiles too limiting, click on the little lock icon in the lower left corner, and then onto the “Manage Profiles” button in the bottom right to create or edit a new profile. Here you can set things like downlink and uplink bandwidth, up and down packets dropped, response delay, and even DNS delay.

[Via: OS X Daily]

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