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msnNOW News Services Brings Breaking Trends from Across the Web

msnNOW, a nw MSN new service makes it easy to stay up to date on the things people are talking about, searching for and sharing the most.

“msnNOW scour the latest buzz from Facebook, Twitter, Bing and BreakingNews.com, all in one place. It cuts through the clutter of the Web, providing an up-to-the-minute view of breaking trends and the hottest social conversations, what people are saying about them, and why they matter,” posted Microsoft.

“On msnNOW, you’ll see icons from Facebook, Twitter, Bing and BreakingNews, which indicate where each topic is trending. To see a quick snapshot of the latest trends that are blowing up in real time, check out the “Biggest Movers” Feature. And, to build the buzz, just click on the butterfly and share across Facebook, Twitter and email. You can also easily sort through the trends that matter most to you in the topics sections by filtering them by areas of interest, including,” explains the MSN team:

msnNow: Biggest Movers and creating a buzz features

  • Fame: Drill down on celebrity gossip and entertainment reports.
  • Soul: Explore trends related to life – including love, beauty, kids, products and more.
  • Sweat: Check into the latest sports buzz.
  • Wire: Catch up on trends related to the day’s big stories.
  • Cash: See what’s hot in the world of money and big business.

Demand Dashboard: “the tool behind msnNOW every few minutes looks back at the last 24 hours to tally, sort and analyze millions of Bing searches, public Facebook posts, tweets, shared URLs and breaking news stories. It sifts through all the data and looks for patterns to emerge – detecting breaking trends as they happen, so you can easily find out what everyone will be talking about,” says Klaus Diaconu, principal program manager for MSN.

In addition to identifying hot topics, the tool analyzes each trend and determines if interest is building, peaking or waning. The tool also reveals where and how each topic is trending within the context of each signal. This greatly reduces the amount of time the msnNOW team must spend finding topics or trends to report on, Diaconu says.

Go to now.msn.com for the following:


Here are the video demonstrations of msnNow:

Behind-the scenes at msnNow:

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