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MSDN Subscribers Get Upto $3,700.00 in Annual Windows Azure Benefits at ‘No Charge’

MSDN Offers Subscribers Up to $3,700 in Annual Windows Azure BenefitsMicrosoft Developer Network (MSDN) is offering its subscribers — up to $3,700 in annual Windows Azure benefits. “If you are an existing Visual Studio Professional, Premium or Ultimate with MSDN subscriber, you get free access to Windows Azure each month, and up to $3,700.00 in annual Windows Azure benefits at no charge,” reads the site.

Windows Azure This offer provides a base level of Compute, Storage, SQL Azure database, Access Control, Service Bus and Caching each month at no charge.

Spending limits are a new feature added to Windows Azure last month, and ensure that you never have to worry about accidentally going over the resources included in a free offer and being charged.

“You can easily track what resources you’ve used on Windows Azure by clicking the “Account” tab of the web-site. This is another new feature added to Windows Azure last month, and it allows customers (both free trial and paid) to easily see what resources they’ve used and how much it is costing them,” informed Microsoft.

Benefits are offered world-wide, and includes:

MSDN: $3,700.00 in annual Windows Azure benefits at no charge

To get up to $3,700.00 in annual Windows Azure benefits, visit the offer page here.

There are several ways to get an MSDN subscription including:

  • Purchase one of Visual Studio subscription offers:
  • Qualify for the Silver or Gold ISV Competency (or other competencies)

    ISVs can earn the ISV Competency and receive MSDN Subscriptions that entitle you to compute hours and benefits on Windows Azure. To qualify for the Silver ISV Competency:

    1. Deliver one product or application that has passed one qualifying Microsoft Platform Test. (Get details.)
    2. Provide three verifiable customer references. (Get details.)
    3. Complete a full profile and pay the silver membership fee

    You can use the License Calculator to help you better understand your software benefits based on the type and number of competencies you earn.

    To get started, see ISV Competency Requirements.

  • If you are a startup, join BizSpark.