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Moo.rd: extension library to MooTools

moo.rd is a super lightweight javascript (object oriented) library based on the MooTools framework.
It is designed to give many useful and powerful functionalities to the developers, like a lot of effects, customizable standards, utility native functions, table management, virtual boxes and many more.
In addiction moo.rd is modular, flexible, and completely compatible with all MooTools plug-in.

You can see examples of the new extensions including:

The new Custom.Alert and Custom.Confirm classes are modal, fixed, and can be draggable, like the standards. But they are “Custom”, so we can give them our personal style, choose an overlay (made by the new Overlay Utility Class) with a custom light, make them appears/disappears with a fade transition and many more.

I want to have the Apple style plus the Windows Style plus my personal style in the page: mission impossible? custom Alerts and custom Confirms, go, make it possible!

The SmoothScrolling class is now for “all smooth needs”. Extending Fx.Scroll, it take advantage of its options, like wheelStops. In addiction, we can choose which anchors must be affected and the Fx parameters of the “effects”.


moo.rd, MooTools, JavaScript, Library, Tools

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