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mod_pagespeed for Apache: Google Makes Your Websites Run Faster Automatically

Google introduces a module for the Apache HTTP Server called “mod_pagespeed” to perform many speed optimizations automatically.

“We’re starting with more than 15 on-the-fly optimizations that address various aspects of web performance, including optimizing caching, minimizing client-server round trips and minimizing payload size. We’ve seen mod_pagespeed reduce page load times by up to 50% (an average across a rough sample of sites we tried) — in other words, essentially speeding up websites by about 2x, and sometimes even faster,” explains Google.

Here’re a few simple optimizations that’re a pain to do manually, but mod_pagespeed excels at:

  • Making changes to pages built by Content Management Systems (CMS) with no need to make changes to CMS itself
  • Recompressing an image when its HTML context changes to serve only the bytes required (typically tedious to optimize manually)
  • Extending cache lifetime of the logo and images of your website to a year, while still allowing you to update these at any time.

mod_pagespeed integrates as a module for the Apache HTTP Server, and it’s released it as open-source for Apache for many Linux distributions.

Download: mod_pagespeed


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