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Mobile Search Advertising: Google Introduces ‘Custom Search Ads in Mobile Apps, Click to Download, Mobile App Extensions’ Mobile Ad Formats

Google Mobile Ads team just unveiled new mobile search ad formats and some new details about the ways many different businesses are benefiting from mobile advertising.

First, the team announced following new mobile ad formats, bringing the worlds of search ads and mobile apps together with mobile advertising:

  • Search ads in mobile apps: Google Mobile launched “Custom Search Ads for mobile apps that give people the ability to search for information. “These ads provide useful and relevant answers, for people searching within a mobile app. Custom search ads will also help app developers earn more money to fund their apps and grow their businesses on mobile,” revealed Mobile ads team.

    Developers interested can request permission.

    google search ads in mobile apps

    Update 11/20: Added following more details CSA:

    “With Custom Search Ads in Android and iOS app, we’re bringing the power of search ads to the world of mobile apps. Apps that provide a search experience will also be able to show ads related to those searches. Users will receive ads relevant to what they’re looking for, and our developer partners will have a new tool to monetize their great content and services,” mentiones Linus Chou, Product Manager, Mobile Ads.

    Adding, “Because so many mobile apps contain custom search functions, they usually ask consumers to search within a variety of specific parameters. For example, in the search below, the user is looking for Thai restaurants, in a given price range and location, with a certain dress code. These parameters help determine what ad is shown, and will help deliver the most relevant ad for a user’s query – in this case, a restaurant called ‘Tasty Thai’,” explains Chou.

    Custom Search Ads

    Chous notes, “App developers are able to customize the look and feel of the ads to complement the app design and layout by modifying details like the font size, background color, and gradient. Ad placement is also customizable and can be fixed to the frame or embedded within the search results to save space.”

    Custom Search ads can also be integrated into mobile websites with the same customization features and options available on mobile apps. Mobile publishers and app developers who are interested in showing search ads can apply now on the Custom Search Ads page.

    The images below are two examples of how a developer could customize the same ad to fit with the content of their page.

    Custome Search AdsCustom Search Ads

  • Click to Download ad format helps consumers right when they searching for information about an app, linking them directly to the App Store or Android Marketplace to download, the team said.
  • Mobile App Extensions beta ad unit enables businesses to use mobile search ads to direct someone to a page within a mobile app already installed on their phone. “For example, if someone searches for sneakers on a mobile device, they might see an ad that takes them directly into a cool shopping app they’ve installed on their phone,” the team explains.

Local search ads–Here are a few specific examples:

  • Click to Call ads for high-end smartphones are driving millions of calls per week to hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world. Click to call ads have been very effective in generating leads for businesses of all sizes, across many verticals.
  • Hyperlocal search ads contain useful local information like phone numbers, driving directions, a number to click and call a business directly, and also show people how far they are from specific business locations.
  • Proximity as a factor in mobile search ads ranking: The distance between a person and an advertiser’s business location is now a factor in mobile search ads ranking. This means an ad for a business with a physical location close to to a consumer may perform better in AdWords–driving more mobile traffic at a lower cost. The feature will be effective only when consumers opt in to share their device location for mobile searches. It’ll make hyperlocal format more useful for businesses and users–advertisers can get started with this by creating Location Extensions for their mobile campaigns.
  • Circulars ad format — when someone clicks on a search or display ad (on desktop, mobile or tablet devices), they may see these engaging ads which contain photos of relevant products and special offers. With a few simple clicks, people who’re at their desk can email that circular to their mobile phones, and later walk into their local store, flash their phone and redeem the offers,” Google Mobile said.

    circulars mobile ads

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