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Miguel de Icaza and Dragos Manolescu: On Open Source, Mono and Moonlight

Miguel de Icaza is well known for his work on Mono, the open source implemenatation of .NET. He and his band of merry developers have written a Silverlight implementation that runs on Mono called Moonlight. They really are a creative and talented bunch. I wanted to chat with him about why he is so adamant about free software and why he chooses to implement OSS versions of our .NET technologies. Miguel is very smart. He’s also very passionate about software.

You’ve met Dragos Manolescu before. He’s one of Volta people (the Live Labs side of the team) and is a computer scientist who has experience in the open source world and an interesting perspective on the tensions between profit-making business and free software given his years in the consulting business where he mangaged both proprietary and open source accounts.

Video: Channel 9

Mono, Moonlight, Silverlight, Microsoft Application Virtualization, AppVirt, Open-Source, Open Source, Interview, Video

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