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Microsoft Windows Vista – 40 question quiz?

A year since Windows Vista was released to manufacturing and to businesses, back in November 2006, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates revealed during his keynote address at 2008 International CES that the install base of the operating system had passed the 100 million milestone in 2007. At this point in time there are two more weeks until the platform’s first anniversary, since it hit the shelves. This time last year there was a great deal of anticipation for the upcoming Wow. Just two weeks short of Vista’s first year of consumer availability, there are no more signs of the Wow.

Slowly but surely, as it erodes the dominance of Windows XP on the operating system market Vista has transitioned from being an item of novelty to an mundane aspect of life. And with over 100 million users of the operating system around the world it is clear that the operating system is as mainstream as possible. However, just a year ago, Ian Moulster, Microsoft UK Product Manager, was hard at work gearing up for the imminent launch of the operating system.

“While there was lots of stuff happening (not least pre-recording every session and releasing online at the same time as the launch event – something we later received an award for…) one of the little sidelines was organizing a quiz for the Saturday event with prizes of webcams and an Xbox 360,” Moulster recalled.

Microsoft tested users on their knowledge of Windows Vista with a total of 40 questions, some down right simple, other a tad more specialized. All the questions are included at the bottom of this article, courtesy of Ian Moulster. Just in case you want to test how well do you know your Windows Vista, take a shot. However I must emphasize that there is no prize or reward involved. The questions are simply for your amusement.

1. What is the name of the new text-to-speech voice in Windows Vista?
2. What was codename of the product now known as CardSpace?
3. Which version of Windows Vista DOESN’T have Tablet PC capability
4. What name is given to the new Windows Vista collaboration feature that allows desktops and applications to be shared during meetings using wireless adaptors only?
5. What was the codename for Windows Presentation Foundation?
6. Which version number of the .NET Framework is pre-installed on Windows Vista?
7. What is the name of the new “glass-like” effect on Windows Vista that can display semi-transparent effects on dialog boxes?
8. What was the codename for the technology now known as the Windows Communication Foundation?
9. What is the release date for the consumer version of Windows Vista?
10. Which feature protects your security by allowing you to use Windows Vista without administrator privileges?
11. Which version of Direct X is included with Windows Vista?
12. Which version of the .NET Framework contains the Windows Presentation Foundation?
13. What version of Windows was released in 2001 and is superseded by Windows Vista?
14. What does the “A” in XAML stand for?
15. How many versions of Windows Vista are there (excluding upgrades)?
16. True or False: Windows Vista Photo Gallery can use tags you have associated with your photos.
17. Which version of Windows Media Player is included with Windows Vista?
18. How many jobs are expected to be created by Windows Vista in Europe according to the IDC? 10,000; 50,000; 100,000; 500,000
19. What is the name of the Windows anti spyware product that started life as GIANT AntiSpyware?
20. What Windows Vista feature is able to take advantage of external storage such as USB memory sticks to take some of the load away from the hard drive and RAM?
21. What is the name of the small applications that run in the Windows Vista Sidebar?
22. What was the codename of Windows Vista?
23. True or False: Windows Vista was originally going to be called Windows Orion
24. What is the recommended user account for most users of Windows Vista, “standard” or “administrator”?
25. What version of Internet Explorer is included in Windows Vista?
26. (Multiple Choice) What is the current maximum value of the Windows Experience Index score (the new feature in Windows Vista that provides you with an indication of the capability of your PC)?
3.0 / 5.9 / 7.2 / 8.4
27. (Multiple Choice) How many new PCs are expected to be shipped in the next two years preloaded with Windows Vista?
58 million / 129 million / 368 million /572 million
28. What does the “A” in AERO stand for (supposedly!)
29. (Multiple Choice) What has replaced the hourglass “wait cursor” in Windows Vista?
a) Nothing – it’s still the hour glass
b) A blue animated circle
c) A spinning triangle
d) A row of dots
30. (Multiple Choice) Which of these games is not included as standard in Windows Vista?
a) Pinball
b) FreeCell
c) Mahjong
d) Minesweeper
31. True or False: Windows Vista allows parents to restrict the times their children can use the PC via the Parental Controls feature
32. What is the codename for the next version of Visual Studio that will specifically include features for targeting development of Windows Vista applications?
33. Name a Windows Vista version that include Media Center
34. What is the name of the successor to Outlook Express, included by default in Windows Vista
35. What is the Windows Vista technology that supports secondary displays on the front of desktop PCs and on the lids of laptops?
36. The benefits of Windows Vista have been described in terms of three overall themes: These are “Clear”, “Confident” and …what?
37. True or False: The new Windows Vista startup sound has two parallel melodies played in an intentional “Win-dows Vis-ta” rhythm
38. (Multiple Choice) What is the minimum processor speed for a PC to be classed as Windows Vista capable?
600 MHz / 800 MHz / 1 GHz / 1.5 GHz
39. (Multiple Choice) How many new security improvements and features have been included in Windows Vista according to InfoWorld Test Centre?
More than 35
More than 70
More than 180
More than 360
40. What is the codename of the next version of the Windows Client operating system ie the one that will replace Windows Vista?

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