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Microsoft to release Windows Vista activation exploits – detection update

Alex Kochis: […] Later this month Microsoft will release an update to Windows Vista through Windows Update that will enable Gold and SP1-installed systems to detect the presence of the Grace Timer and OEM BIOS exploits then alert the customer of their presence. The dialog box (shown below) also provides customers with guidance about what they can do to fix it and provides a Web link for more details, so that customers can learn about the particular exploit and learn how to disable and remove it. If they are a victim of software piracy, the linked Web pages will provide information on how to get genuine software. 

It’s important to note that this update does not disable the exploits it finds –it simply alerts customers that exploits exist.  When we first release the update that enables Windows Vista to detect the exploits we will also make available a separate removal tool as a download. In the future we will integrate the removal of the exploits with the detection. I’m expecting to see that integration in our next release. We also wanted to minimize any interruption for genuine customers so if a Windows Vista customer does not have an exploit on their system, they won’t see any dialog box after the update is applied. It’s that simple. (WB: bold emphasis ours)

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