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Microsoft stands between me and 64-bit bliss “Switching between 32-bit & 64-bit Windows Vista”

Back in November of last year I switched one of the systems that I use regularly over from Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit to 64-bit. I had expected that the switch would be a painful one, but as it turned out, things went quite smoothly – so much so that now only Microsoft stands between me and 64-bit bliss.

When I decided to make the switch, I did it on a whim. If things worked out, I got full use of my 4GB or RAM (a move which would pave the way to 8GB of RAM), bit if things got a bit too hairy and I couldn’t get the system running right, I’d abandon the experiment and go back to 32-bit and announce to the world that 64-bit is still not ready. Problem is, things went well. Too well. Everything just worked and I was lulled into thinking that 64-bit headaches were a thing of the past. Sure, the drivers I needed for a particular piece of hardware might not be on the CD supplied, but I’d be able to find them on the web when I needed them.

Then I got a Microsoft Fingerprint Reader for Christmas[…]

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