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Microsoft SoftGrid: Inside the Sequencer – Part 1

This is the second in the series of “Inside The…” books for SoftGrid, “Inside The Sequencer”. The purpose of this text is to define the process of the SoftGrid Sequencer. As a precursor, the text entitled “Inside the Grid” should have been read prior to this document.

As a review from “Inside the Grid”, the Sequencer component is a critical part of the SoftGrid technology. After all, it is the Sequencer that is responsible for taking a typical application and turning it into a SoftGrid enabled, virtualized application. The ultimate end result of running the Sequencer is to create the necessary files that comprise a SoftGrid package; the .ICO, .OSD, .SFT and .SPRJ files. Once these files are created they can then be deployed to test and production environments via the SoftGrid Virtual Application Server (VAS).

The Sequencer Workstation: The creation of the proper workstation on which one Sequences is of utmost importance. I will issue the usual and necessary disclaimer here that every environment is unique and as such my notes here will work best across a generic case example.

The proper workstation on which you Sequence is just that, a workstation. Now this can be a physical workstation or a virtual machine. The most important characteristics are as follows:

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