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Microsoft ‘Live Tile’ Greets New Year; Windows 8 & Dynamics TV Ads; Free 1 Month Xbox LIVE Gold; Become Scam Savvy with ‘Real vs. Rogue Facebook’ App

Microsoft wishes Happy New Year 2013 in Live Tile format

Microsoft begun the new year with a number of new television commercial of Windows 8 operating system and Microsoft Dynamics, along with a new Live Tile, wishing its partners a Happy New Year 2013. The “Live Tile” created by Eric Ligman, Director of Worldwide Partner Experience, at Microsoft, links videos of several key Microsoft employees wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

“I am bringing you the videos in a Windows 8/Phone/Live Tile format based on the wonderful new additions we’ve seen come to the market this past year. To view any of the videos from the individuals below, simply click on the ones you want to view and the video will play for you,” Ligman adds.

The Live Tile links to following Microsoft executives:

Kevin Turner – Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft
Vahe Torossian – Corporate Vice President – SMS&P, Microsoft
Jon Roskill – Corporate Vice President – Partner Channel, Microsoft
Satya Nadella – President – Server & Tools Business, Microsoft
Julie Bennani – General Manager – Partner Channel, Microsoft
Karl Noakes – General Manager – Partner Channel, Microsoft
Geoff Nyheim – Vice President – SMS&P Corporate Accounts, Microsoft
Thomas Hansen – Vice President – Small & Medium Business, Microsoft
David Smith – General Manager – Small & Medium Business, Microsoft
Marco Limena – Vice President – Hosting Services, Microsoft
Robert Jones – General Manager – Tele-Management & Inside Sales, Microsoft
Rich Kaplan – Corporate Vice President – Customer & Partner Advocacy, Microsoft

Watch the video embedded video below:

The new Windows 8 television commerical were uploaded in the past few days, the first video below of Windows features the song “Everything at Once,” from Lenka, and shows several of the operating systems’ pre-installled apps such as Maps and Mail at work.

Another, TV ad, “Free To Be Me,” shows a user playing with the Fresh Paint app from Microsoft, on the new Lenovo Yoga 13 convertible and the Asus VivoTab tablet Windows 8 PCs.

In the Microsoft Dynamics TV adverts–first the video below titled “Connect Without Compromise,” a manager of a Retail Chain loves being a trusted advisor and advocate for the things that enhance people’s lives. In ensuring the customer get’s what they need, when they need it. Whatever that may be. You might not know, or care, what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is but you do know your business and we hope you will be excited what we can help you with if you invest in a business solution from Microsoft.

Second video below, “Capitalize on Talent and Catalyze Innovation,” shows a Practice Manager who is a master of both the complexity and fundamentals of business; of people, process and financials. Microsoft Dynamics can help your business deliver results.

In this video “Simplify Plant Operations,” COO is a master of complexity and a maven of efficiency. He relishes the chance to do more with less. To be connected and in control no matter where he is. Learn about how Microsoft Dynamics can help you unlock the potential of your people.

In th “Enable Business Leadership,” CIO is rapidly growing and transforming his business as he expands operations into multiple geographies and new markets while leveraging centralized systems, existing investments, processes and best practices.

“Provide Inspiring Insights” video show how this CFO gets instant insights and analysis on up-to-date financial and operational performance. You know your business- now learn how a business solution from Microsoft can help transform it.

Microsoft offer free one month Xbov LIVE Gold to Cloud Saved Games services outage

Also, the company is offering a free month of Xbox LIVE Gold! to all who had suffered from the recent Cloud Saved Games services outage, Microsoft announced stating, “We will be automatically applying a one-month extension to the Xbox LIVE Gold memberships of everyone who was impacted.”

“You don’t need to call support for your free month. We know exactly who was affected and we’ll handle all of this on our end,” Alex Garden, General Manager, Xbox LIVE adds.

Finally, to help consumer become more scam savvy in the 2013, Microsoft created a new app “Real vs. Rogue Facebook” that features an interactive quiz that uses actual scam screen images to walk people through a number of security scenarios, and helps them learn to tell if a security warning is from real antivirus software or from rogue security software.

“Sixty two percent of adults doubt they will ever fall victim to an online ruse, yet only 12 percent said they feel fully protected. As part of shoring up defenses against online fraud, the Real vs. Rogue Facebook app can help people learn to think twice before clicking on a security warning,” Microsoft stated.

Check the app at its Facebook page here.

Additionally, Microsoft suggests people should:

  • “Treat suspicious messages with caution – Don’t respond, and don’t put sensitive information in an email, instant or text message, or pop-up window.
  • Think before clicking links or calling a number in a message, even if the sender is known. Also, first confirm the message is genuine.
  • Look for signs that a webpage is secure and legitimate – Check for encryption, such as a web address with https (“s” stands for secure) and a closed padlock.
  • Cut down on spam by sharing a primary email only with people and organizations known to the individual; not listing personal email address publicly, and only “friending” people known to the individual. Also, setting spam email filter to Standard or High.
  • Protecting computer and accounts – This includes keeping all software (including web browsers and spam filters) current with automatic updating; installing legitimate antivirus and antispyware software; always keeping a firewall on, and not using the same password everywhere,” adds Microsoft Trustworthy Computing blog.

Microsoft creates Real vs. Rogue Facebook app

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