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Microsoft Future Technology

The future is Microsoft-centric as far as the Redmond company is concerned. At this point in time, Microsoft effectively imagines its technology as an indispensable ingredient in the recipe of aspects that will build your mundane life. The increased dependency on technology is a tendency that will only gather up momentum and Microsoft is one of the companies at the forefront of innovation. And  believe it or not, the company already has a strategy in place anticipating what tomorrow will bring. If you want a glimpse into Microsoft’s vision of the future, just take a look at the two videos embedded at the bottom of this article.

A sneak peek is all you get, but it’s more than enough in order to understand what Microsoft is articulating for the future. And the company’s strategy can be summarized in two main concepts: interoperability and S+S/. The first video, courtesy of Channel 10, offers an illustrative example of both interoperability among different genres of devices and products, as well as software plus service. A Microsoft-centric universe is continually being built, from the Windows desktop client to Windows Mobile, Windows Server, Windows Automotive, the Xbox gaming console and, finally, Windows Live.

A full perspective on all examples of Microsoft technology is not available in the videos, but the company is getting users ready to become platform independent. And moreover, to have their information, data and digital content completely cross-platform, and hosted entirely into the cloud. The second video features a view of the future of personal health. And how technology will revolutionize the patient-doctor relationship, as well as access to health information.

Both videos contain small details that point to the evolution of traditional anodyne objects via technology. From doors that lock themselves to intelligent touch-sensitive table surfaces designed to tell you when it’s time to take your medicine, Microsoft promises some appetizing technological innovations.

Source:→ Softpedia

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