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Microsoft eyeing a meaner, ‘greener’ P2P for Windows 7

Windows Vista already includes a P2P-enabling technology known as Teredo. But for the forthcoming Windows 7, Microsoft is contemplating adding such features as metered connections, distributed hash tables, and something called ‘green P2P.’

For the Xbox 360 game Halo 3, P2P technology is “key to the whole experience,” said See-Mong Tan, Microsoft’s director for P2P networking. Now, Tan tells us, the company is pursuing more options that could bring new legitimacy to a technology that is still berated today for its heritage in anonymous file-sharing.

P2P technologies now being considered for the next edition of Windows include “Green P2P,” metered connections, and distributed hash tables, Tan said, in a talk at DCIA’s P2P Market Conference on Friday.

Tan told attendees at the conference in New York that many Web sites today offer “P2P experiences” even without relying on P2P technologies. On Wikipedia, for instance, “everyone can either edit or read.” On YouTube, “anybody can post or watch videos.”

But P2P technology, on the other hand, calls for the use of “computer sharing [across a] whole community grid,” he said.

Initially, P2P was used for distributing free music over networks such as Napster, and then for unlicensed sharing of movies over eDonkey. “Now we’re going to use it to sell movies,” according to Tan. “The next thing goes to trying to sell bandwidth [at a] much cheaper rate than CDNs [content delivery networks].”

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