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Microsoft energy-efficient tactics to push Windows Vista

In a pro-Windows Vista move, the company commissioned a report from Info-Tech Research on the power consumption of Windows XP versus Windows Vista, which was released today, and announced Vista’s energy-efficient supremacy over XP when it comes to sleep mode. The default settings of Vista put the system into sleep mode much faster and automatically than XP triggers its own standby mode.

Jennifer Colasanti, a research consultant with Info-Tech Research, said that tests were run on two different laptops and two different PCs in several different states. “The advanced default settings had a definite impact on power consumption. If your business is running a fleet of Vista PCs, then you can reduce your carbon emissions by half,” she said.

The cost savings would work out to about $11 per desktop per year, and $5 per laptop per year. “If you have 5,000 computers in your enterprise, that could be up to $47,000 in savings annually,” said Colasanti. The survey also found that the operating system’s AERO graphics did not have a significant impact on energy usage.

When it came to the question of Microsoft using “green tactics” to get more users onto their newer OS, she said, “It should be included in your decision. Not as the only reason, but it can be a factor.”

Microsoft refrained from testing the energy efficiency of its products against any competing products (such as Maci OS X or a Linux-based system) because “(XP and Vista) are the two most important products in the marketplace,” said Elliot Katz, senior product manager for Windows Client with Microsoft Canada.

Source:→ ComputerWorld Canada

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