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Microsoft crunching the numbers

“We live in a hyper-competitive industry, with loads of challenges to go along with loads of opportunity. All the same, with Windows 7, Office 2010, Bing, Xbox 360, Kinect, Windows Phone 7, our cloud platform, and many other products, services and happy customers, 2010 is shaping up as a huge year for us,” said Microsoft.

Windows 7 has sold 150 Million licenses to date. iPad is predicted to sell 7.1 million units this year. There’s an estimated market for 58 million netbooks and 355 million PC sales this year.

10,000 paying customers running on Windows Azure in June 2010.

14 million people use Netflix. 16 million people subscribe to 25 biggest newspapers in USA. However, 23 Million people use Xbox Live.

In Q1 2010, global sales of 8.8 million iPhone, 21.5 million Nokia smartphone, 55 million total smartphone, and 439 million projected global smartphone sales in 2014.

Office 2010 had 9 million beta downloads. That’s almost the size of Canadian province of Ontario. 21.4m new Bing search users in just one year.

Microsoft’s saturation of the market really becomes evident in webmail. Even so, with 360 million Windows Live email accounts and 299 Million ACTIVE Windows Live Messenger accounts, Gmail 173m and Yahoo 284m have a ways to go yet.

All these numbers have translated into $14.5 billion net income of Microsoft for year ending June 2009, or the company, with revenues of $58.4 billion. Even with solid competition from companies such as Apple $5.7b, Google $6.5b.

All, these numbers show that Microsoft is still at the top of the software industry.


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