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MediaMaster: An Online Music Library

MediaMaster is a new web service that, like Faces and Oboe, let’s users upload music from their hard drive and listen to it online. MediaMaster lets you store all your music in one place and access it from any internet connected computer or stream player. Having your music stored and organized in one place has several advantages:

  • Its accessable from anywhere you have an internet connection
  • It allows you to make more room on your computer for other important data
  • Its safe and secure – your music will never vanish with a lost, stolen or damaged machine.
  • You can access your music from all kinds of devices like your Tivo or Roku Soundbridge without having to set up special servers.

Also, with your music online a world of possibilites are open to you:

  • You can publish information about your collection to blogs and profile pages on social networking sites with our widget.
  • You can keep your friends up to date on what you’ve recently added to your collection.
  • You can publish your own internet radio stations based on play lists you create.

You can store any non-DRM’ed MP3, AAC (aka M4A) or WMA (except losslessly compressed) file and add it to your account. At this time FLAC, OGG, Wave (aka CD audio or uncompressed audio), and AAC (M4A) losslessly compressed files are not supported. Note: Its important that you don’t put stolen music on the site. If you bought the CD or downloaded the MP3 from a legal service like eMusic, go ahead and upload it!

MediaMaster | FAQ | Blog

Source:→ Techcrunch

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