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Make Windows 7 Better

Recently, our tech analyst Joel Durham Jr. wrote a column listing seven things we’d like to see in Windows 7. I agree with some of it, but of course I have my own bullet list of Windows 7 wants. I’m often asked about the OS, and I have to tell people: nobody knows. Rumors about release dates vary, and of course this early in the game Microsoft themselves don’t really have a firm due date. It’s safe to say it won’t be this year, but late 2009 isn’t out of the question, nor is 2010.

We don’t know what it will look like, what the feature set will be, how it’ll run, what new underlying technologies it will bring, or even what the real name will be. In other words, the time is right for making our wish lists known—his is the time when it’s early enough in Windows 7’s development for Microsoft to make changes.

So what do I want in Windows 7? No, I don’t want Microsoft to turn the OS into Linux or OS X or anything. And while there are some broad-sweeping changes that I think would be good (like starting over from scratch and dumping backward compatibility), many of them aren’t very realistic (it’s a lot easier to dump backward compatibility when you don’t command over 90% of the OS market). If any of the bigwigs at Microsoft are listening, I present for your consideration, the following[…]

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