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LinkedIn Premium Revamps New Insights on Jobs Homepage, Salary Tool

After a desktop redesign that’s more intuitive and faster, LinkedIn revamped its Premium features aimed at helping professionals pursuing career aspirations more effectively by introducing more powerful Premium experience through a multitude of exclusive data insights, as well as unlimited access to newly launched LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn Salary.

The professional network company offer two consumer subscriptions, Premium Career and Premium Business, both have significantly evolved over the last year, and now include unlimited access to more than 9,000 courses on LinkedIn Learning platform.

LinkedIn Premium and Business Features
LinkedIn Premium and Business Features

Here is a snapshot of new offerings:

Premium Job Insights on LinkedIn Jobs homepage. A number of personalized LinkedIn Jobs insights on homepage, once you’ve found a job opening of interest, LinkedIn Jobs immediately surfaces your connections at a hiring company, team you might work, as well as company’s growth and hiring trends directly on the job posting.

Premium Insights on LinkedIn Jobs Homepage
Premium Insights on LinkedIn Jobs Homepage

Premium Job Insights on LinkedIn job postings. Premium Business member can take advantage of Premium Business Insights feature that provide timely data directly on the Company Pages. Also, an enriched “Who’s Viewed My Profile” surfaces insights about those companies viewing your profile.

Premium Job Insights on LinkedIn job postings
Premium Job Insights on LinkedIn job postings

New salary tool called “LinkedIn Salaryavailable to LinkedIn Premium lets you filter jobs by salary as well as provide access to more precise salary information on the job postings of your interested in.

LinkedIn Salary
LinkedIn Salary

LinkedIn is also giving more choice for members who publish on LinkedIn with the new ability to directly manage the comments on long-form articles. This feature gives you the option to enable or disable comments at any time.

Now on long-form articles, you can turn off comments through Comment settings icon at the bottom and click “Disable comments.” Once a change is saved, any existing comments will be deleted.

LinkedIn notes, soon this option to turn off comments will be available on all LinkedIn posts.

Report inappropriate comments option gives you an ability to flag and hide abusive or offensive comments made on any article or post: Click “More” icon on the top right of a comment, and then Click “Report” to report the comment, finally in pop-up window, write about why you chose to report the comment, the company said.

LinkedIn Long-form Articles Report Comments
LinkedIn Long-form Articles Report Comments

LinkedIn Workforce Report, a bi-monthly publication shows how much hiring is increasing or decreasing across the U.S., cities, and industries, which skills cities need most, and where workers are moving to and from.

These are just a few of the valuable insights “the LinkedIn Workforce Report offers that you can use to better navigate your career path,” company said.

LinkedIn Workforce Report
LinkedIn Workforce Report

In a post, CEO Jeff in LinkedIn Learning Course, On Compassionate Management, teaches viewers what it means to “aspire to manage compassionately,” describing it as a constant work in progress as compassion is not conditional. Watch the video here.

Those, who are not yet familiar about how to use LinkedIn Notifications tab in the refreshed desktop redesign, that help easily seeing activity in your network, such as discovering curated job opportunities, seeing when someone likes what you’ve shared on LinkedIn or views your profile, seeing when a connection lists a new position and much more.

Stay connected with Conversation Starters within notifications suggest people in your network to reach out to to build relationships, and also give suggestions on what to say so that reaching out is contextually relevant and personal.

Calendar Sync, when enabled gives notifications about your next meeting so you can better prepare and invite them to connect if they’re not already in your network. After you’ve met, you’ll see a reminder to follow up with them – simply click on the “Follow up” button to send a message directly from the Notifications tab.

LinkedIn says, soon settings to enable you control notifications such as turn off individual notifications, and keep on the ones you do find valuable will be available.

LinkedIn Notifications Tab
LinkedIn Notifications Tab
LinkedIn Notifications Follow Up
LinkedIn Notifications Follow Up

Here are three tips to make the most of the new LinkedIn desktop:

The new simplified navigation bring focus to core areas — Home (Your Feed), Messaging, Jobs, Notifications, Me (your profile and settings), My Network, and Search. Just click on “More” icon, and the navigation bar take you into other experiences like LinkedIn Groups, Lookup and LinkedIn Learning.

Simplified LinkedIn Navigation Bar
Simplified LinkedIn Navigation Bar

Profile now shows up as “Me tab” far right at the top navigation, is where you access Privacy and Settings, and see all things like “who’s viewed your profile, who is commenting on or sharing your posts and your activity.” Additionally, it also offer new intuitive way of updating your profile:

New Intutive Me Tab on LinkedIn
New Intutive Me Tab on LinkedIn
  • Highlights section help in discovering things in common when looking at someone’s profiles.
  • Suggested skills can be added to profiles, are based on the most in demand by recruiters. LinkedIn says, “people with at least five skills listed on their LinkedIn profile receive up to 17x more profile views,” so it makes a difference.
  • “Views of Your Shares” is where you can see who viewed your content. Click on views of your share at the bottom of a post to see a detailed breakdown of “companies, job titles and locations of those who are engaging with your content.”

The company said, a new profile meter with guided tips on what you need to update to look your best and get connected to opportunity is coming soon.

Streamlined “My Network tab” helps in managing all invitations in one place, and discover other professionals you may know, as well as see your full connection list on the left side.

LinkedIn streamlined My Network Tab
LinkedIn streamlined My Network Tab

The company has also published a few Infographics including:

1. How to Build a Perfectly Published Content Sandwich infographic, “start with an eye-catching top bun, a strong visual to draw the reader in. Add introductory paragraphs—the lettuce, tomato and cheese—to get the reader engaged and ready to keep munching. Smooth transitions are the mustard and mayo that bring everything together. Don’t forget to add substantial value; that’s the meat your customer’s looking for. And finish it all off with a CTA that acts as the bottom bun to finish off the feast.”

Further to beef up your strategy for making content even better, download Your Hands-On Content Marketing Workbook HERE.

Infographic: Build a Perfectly Published Content Sandwich

The second infographic below dive deeper into What content do tech professionals prefer? and How to achieve content effectiveness with this cohort?

The most important takeaway is to get straight to the point — include key details, have a distinct point of view, and a sense of humor! Key findings that include (verbatim):

Tech professionals engage with content because:

  • It’s well-written (25%). Quality matters.
  • Influencers are interesting and important to them (26%). Thought leadership from respectable peers and industry leaders are favored by tech pros.
  • It’s relevant to their company (35%). Helping tech pros do and learn more about their job is key.
  • Others in their network will find the topic appealing (42%). Tech pros aim to participate in peer-to-peer discussion and share with those who are like-minded.
  • It helps with skill development (42%). Education is paramount to tech-minded individuals. They want content that provides new information and helps them hone their skills.

Tech professionals are consuming media in a few unique ways! Namely, they:

  • Listen to podcasts (30% – much more than their non-tech peers at 14%)
  • Watch webcasts (20%, as compared to 12% of non-techies)
  • Download whitepapers (A whopping 30% as opposed to only 9% of non-techies)
  • Follow a recognized industry expert/executive (70%, compared to 47% of non-techies)

And to see full scope of LinkedIn’s tech professional research, download this latest e-book, “Tapping Into the Minds of Technology Professionals.”

What Content Do Tech Professionals Prefer? [Infographic]

Next, infographic below is “Best Recipe for Marketing ROI on LinkedIn” and that outlines:

  • What we’ve learned from dozens of A/B tests
  • How we drive personalized messages at scale with LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  • How we see the best conversion rates with audience range and bidding best practices
  • LinkedIn Secret Sauce

For more, download this e-Book.

Best Recipe for Marketing ROI on LinkedIn [Infographic]

The 2017 edition of “Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn” provide guiding on marketing strategies with tips and tactics for every LinkedIn Marketing Solution, and advice from marketing influencers on all of the different roles that LinkedIn can play for business. Here are things you’ll find inside:

  • Tips and tactics for every LinkedIn Marketing Solution: Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Display Ads, Text Ads, Company Pages, Conversion Tracking and more
  • Expert guidance on using targeting, testing and optimization to drive ROI
  • Advice from marketing influencers on the role LinkedIn can play for your business
  • How to balance organic and paid activity for maximum effectiveness
  • How to publish on LinkedIn – and build both your own brand and that of your business

Download the fully updated Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn HERE.

Finally, below you will find some tips for curating content your employees will want to share on your brand’s behalf that dramatically boost your content marketing efforts.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep the content flowing without making curation someone’s second job.

  • Subscribe to industry news sites, respected influencers, and blogs.
  • Use an RSS feed aggregator tool to develop a library of useful sites and have their latest updates all in one place using online services like Feedly, that help in collecting content, as well as it displays share counts for each piece.
  • Make use of Twitter Lists feature to make a feed with just those people’s tweets.
  • Share Content from Customers & Prospects
  • Follow Influencers on LinkedIn, start with 2016’s list of top voices in your industry as well as also follow a few in tangentially related categories (for the 20% rule). Also, you can follow official LinkedIn Influencers.
  • Use LinkedIn Pulse for getting quality content on-the-go. LinkedIn Pulse collects the most engaging posts on LinkedIn and organizes them by categories you choose.
  • Use an Employee Advocacy Platform like LinkedIn Elevate, that suggest content based on what’s trending by industry, at your company, and at similar companies by using unique algorithms.
  • Employees, then see list of approved content either on desktop or on Elevate app. “They can as well select content to share, add a custom message, and post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, all from within the platform,” writes LinkedIn.

For more about creating a strategic, sustainable employee advocacy program, download “The Official Guide to Employee Advocacy” here.

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