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Limited Periodic Scanning Security Feature Coming to Windows 10 Redstone Anniversary Update

Microsoft is introducing a new security feature called Limited Periodic Scanning to its desktop operating system Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14352.

“Limited Periodic Scanning is an optional feature that is not enabled by default. It becomes available only if Windows 10 detects that another antivirus solution is installed and running, and needs to be enabled by the user or administrator of the device first,” Microsoft explains.

The feature can be enabled by going to the Settings app > Update & security > Windows Defender > Limited Periodic Scanning. Once enabled it automatically scans your PC with Windows Defender to remove any malware that a third-party antimalware solution might not detect. These periodic scans can run side by side with your third-party antivirus and make sure that no malware reaches your data.

To turn periodic scanning off again repeat the process, and switch the option to off in the last step.

Windows 10 Redstone Limited Periodic Scanning

With the Anniversary Update, Windows Defender will remain partial active, when an user installs a third-party antivirus or antimalware solution; unlike previously in Windows 8 and Windows 10, where Windows Defender disables.

Microsoft explains that “these periodic scans will utilize Automatic Maintenance – to ensure the system chooses optimal times based on minimal impact to the user, PC performance, and energy efficiency – or customers can schedule these scans. Limited Periodic Scanning is intended to offer an additional line of defense to your existing antivirus program’s real-time protection.”

The main idea behind the feature is to improve system security by using Windows Defender as a second-opinion scanner on Windows 10 devices.

The results of these scans are available in Windows Defender, so you can always open the default Windows 10 antivirus solution to see if there’s anything wrong with your PC. Additionally, notifications informing you of the results of the scan will be shown with the toast notification system and included in the Action Center for quick analysis.

In addition, build 14352 brings following new features:

  • Cortana, Your Personal DJ: In addition to playing songs via your local files and OneDrive, you also now have the ability to play any song from the entire Groove Music Catalog using Cortana. If you have a Groove Music Pass, just ask Cortana to play your favorite artist, genre, playlist or song. This also works with Cortana on your Lock screen.

    • “Hey Cortana, play <song name>”
    • Hey Cortana, play <artist>
    • “Hey Cortana, play my <Groove playlist name>”
    • “Hey Cortana, pause”

    NOTE: Groove Catalog support currently for U.S. English only — other regions to come in the future.Set a timer: You can now set a timer using Cortana to remind you to go get a snack, take a break, or while cooking. You can set a timer, query how long is left and cancel using natural language. On your PC, this works logged in or above the Lock screen. On your phone, you can use speech or text. Examples below. We are continuing to improve the overall user experience including conversation mode (“set a timer” then specify the time), and enable turning off a ringing timer using speech. Try out:

    • “Hey Cortana, set a timer for 10 minutes”
    • “Hey Cortana, how much time is left?”
    • “Hey Cortana, cancel my timer”
  • Sticky Notes are now better than ever* with the ability to create Cortana reminders from your notes that will flow with you across your Cortana enabled devices. You can also ink or type a phone number and it readies itself for calling; write an email address and launch directly to email, write a URL and launch into Microsoft Edge right from the Note. A few jotted-down bulleted items become an easy-to-manage checklist. Don’t forget that Sticky Notes is also a standalone app, just launch it from Start if you’d like to use it outside of Windows Ink Workspace.
    *Certain features are currently limited to EN-US, with more market and language support coming in future updates.
    Compass on the ruler: We’ve updated the Windows Ink ruler to include a compass. If the ruler is oriented in the direction of any of the cardinal points or midpoints, the compass indicator will become bold.
  • Windows Ink performance and reliability improvements include:
    • Sketchpad will now dismiss if you tap Esc or Windows key combinations (for example, Win + S or Win + D).
    • We’ve updated the export icon to be the more familiar floppy disk icon for saving your sketch.
    • We’ve polished the experience of opening Sketchpad when many ink strokes are present on the canvas.
    • We fixed an issue that resulted in Sketchpad sometimes needing to be tapped twice before it would launch from the Windows Ink Workspace flyout.
    • Sketchpad and Screen Sketch will now default to touch inking ON for non-pen devices. They will also remember the state of the button when you relaunch Windows Ink Workspace.
    • Going forward from Build 14252, the Windows Ink Workspace icon state (on or off) on the taskbar will be preserved after upgrading.
    • We have updated Sticky Notes to show a small sticky note icon next to the app name when hovering over the app in the taskbar or in Task View.
  • Windows Game bar improvements: Now, Windows 10 Game DVR feature brings the ability to use the Windows Game bar with more games running in full-screen, with six additional games in full-screen mode. You can now use Windows key + G to bring up the Windows Game bar when the game is running full-screen.
    Tip: You can control this feature through the Windows Game bar settings. In the settings dialog, look for the “Show Game bar when I play full-screen games” checkbox.
  • Microsoft Edge extension now available in Windows Store  essentially gives users quick access to the Office Online suite of applications found on Office.com or via the OneDrive website.
    microsoft edge extension
  • Feedback Hub will now show short status tags to let you know what we’re doing with it, Microsoft stated. The tags will often be published along with a Microsoft response’ comment that gives more context on what the team is doing. This change also replaces the “Received” tag that you’ve been seeing on all feedback with something much more useful and informative!
    windows 10 feedback hub

Here’s the complete list of features that got fixed and not yet fixed:nbsp;

  • Feedback Hub should now be localized properly. If you install a different language, you will need to relaunch Feedback Hub to have it show in that language.
  • We fixed the issue with Intel HD Graphics 3000 or Intel HD Graphics 2000 GPUs causing rendering issues and instability with Microsoft Edge. If you mitigated this issue by using software rendering instead of GPU rendering, you can go back to GPU rendering.
  • Starting with this build, pinned tabs in Microsoft Edge should no longer get lost after updating to a new Insider Preview build.
  • We fixed an issue causing Surface Books to bugcheck (bluescreen) when using Windows Hello.
  • We fixed an issue that caused the Brightness Quick Action to appear missing.
  • This build includes fixes for Precision Touchpads. We have Improved reliability of using gestures to switch between virtual desktops. We also improved touchpad responsiveness for pans and two finger taps. We also fixed an issue where swiping on the touchpad might not wake the device once it was in Connected Standby state.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in maximized UWP apps slightly overlapping the taskbar if taskbar was positioned on top.
  • We fixed an issue in the Action Center where it wouldn’t show the hover state when moving your mouse over notifications if a notification had been expanded.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in missing icons in Action Center when using Light mode.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in “Restart Required” continuing to show in Action Center after restart has already occurred.
  • Increased hit target of X icon for notifications in Action Center, to make them easier to dismiss.
    We fixed a timing issue where the Bluetooth Quick Action might appear (with state ON) for a device with no Bluetooth.
  • We fixed an issue where using Esc to exit a full screen video with Microsoft Edge maximized would result in the window becoming unmaximized.
  • We fixed an issue where playing mp4s from a network share in the Movies & TV app would sometimes show an “MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_BYTESTREAM_TYPE” error.
  • We fixed an issue that resulted in the volume mixer slider for system sounds getting reset to 100% after receiving a notification or altering master volume.
  • Update notifications to now deep link straight to Update History, rather than the Windows Update landing page in the Settings app.
  • Updated the Settings app so now the CTRL + E keyboard shortcut will set focus to the Settings search box.
  • We fixed an issue where theme settings were not roaming correctly to other PCs with the same Microsoft account.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in the All apps list in Start being blank for certain languages
  • We updated the Action Center icon to now hide unread notification count when the taskbar is using small icons, as there’s not enough space to display it.
  • Fixed an issue with Command Prompt where it wasn’t keeping the current line in view after resizing the window.
  • We fixed an issue that resulted in the User Account Control dialog sometimes appearing behind other windows instead of in the forefront.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the Lock screen sometimes not showing the Caps lock warning when Caps lock was on.

Upgrading from Pro to Windows Enterprise Edition, now no longer require a reboot. Microsof states that based on feedback about having to reboot to complete the upgrade from Pro to Enterprise, “so starting with this build a reboot is no longer required when upgrading from the Pro to Enterprise edition.” You can try out this out by going to “Settings -> Update & Security -> Activation” in the settings app and click the “Change product key” button and enter a valid Enterprise product key. If you find any issues, please send us feedback via the Feedback Hub!

Finally, the Anniversary Update dubbed Redstone 1 is now feature locked, will be “Version 1607”, as Microsoft begin to reference internally.

Additionally, Microsoft is disappointed that people would think it was trying to “trick” them with a confusing Windows 10 upgrade dialog that scheduled an upgrade without users explicitly agreeing to do so.

In a Knowledge Base article, Microsoft notes that “Based on customer feedback, in the most recent version of the Get Windows 10 (GWX) app, we confirm the time of your scheduled upgrade and provide you an additional opportunity for cancelling or rescheduling the upgrade.”

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