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LightWindow v1.1: Animated Window Supporting Various Media

Kevin Miller has released LightWindow 1.1, another in the series of light boxes —”After researching every single modal window, lightbox, slimbox, etc out there nothing fit the bill. Granted some of them were very nice but only fit a specific purpose, others were a nightmare on the code end, and others were just hacks of another. None of them truly supported all of the features we needed and those that were close could not be easily adapted without a bottle of Prozac near by.”

The LightWindow, works nicely and supports various media such as Movies, Flash, PDF’s and more. It also supports every way that you probably want to use a lightbox.

This library is 52k uncompressed & requires both prototype 1.5+ and scriptaculous 1.7+, if you just screamed, then it’s probably time to learn how to publish your files like a grown-up. Compressed, this library is 9k.

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  • Supports 5 different types of Media: Pages, Inline Content, Media(Movies, SWF, etc), Images(Galleries, Single), External Websites(via iframe)
  • Automatically detects media and source.
  • Fully customizable via CSS.
  • Set starting heights and widths for each media and define media types.
  • Window will fit content fetched! Excludes i-frame content
  • The window is perfectly centered on the screen.
  • There are optional Title Bars and Data boxes.
  • Multiple Galleries are allowed with a Menu on the Galleries
  • All windows will shrink to fit the screen including Image Sizes (Though in some cases its not recommended, i.e. fixed sized windows)
  • Width, Height, Overflow, and Multiple Image Slides can optionally be set.
  • Submit Forms via the window.
  • ANY Character is supported with the exception of ‘[‘ & ‘]’ (These are used to delineate categories for galleries)
  • author, caption, title, and params (Added for this library) attributes are supported
  • Click anywhere on the overlay to close the window or the ESC key. Optionally you can create your own close links or enable the title bar and use that close link.
  • Define your own actions!
  • Instantiate a window on the fly instead of on page load.
  • Toggle Gallery Tab visibility.
  • Flash is resized to fit window (even if lWWidth and lWHeight are passed).
  • hideFlash is now a configuration option to choose whether or not to hide the flash in your page, in case you are smart enough to set the wmode and want that cool overlay effect on your flash.
  • formMethod is now available to set your form method to either ‘post’ or ‘get’.
  • iframes are removed from the DOM on lightWindow deactivation.
  • …there’s more so read on!

LightWindow, Lightbox, Javascript, Java, Prototype, scriptaculous, Library

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