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Learn Authority Building with Webmaster Tools [Video]- Bing’s New “Bing Your Brain” Series

Bing Webmaster team just posted a new video of about “Authority Building,” that talks about “what Authority is, how to build it, how to leverage it and the role it plays in how you ultimately rank.”

Watch the full video below:

Bing team has kicked off a new series called “Bing Your Brain,” written by Matt Wallaert, a behavioral scientist on the Bing team who works “at the intersection of psychology and technology.”

In the first post, Matt tackles the topic of “choice overload”.

“Eight years ago, social psychologist Barry Schwartz gave an influential TED on “The Paradox of Choice”: that even though it seems like more choices should always be better, we are actually less happy when we have too many choices. This is because of a phenomenon psychologists call choice overload and if you’ve ever stood in the salad dressing aisle at your local supermarket, you know exactly what it is,” Matt writes.

Further, Matt writes, “A search engine’s job is to determine the few that may be most helpful: we reduce the number of choices from millions down to the few that matter most. In search technology, this is often called “relevance”, and it is something that search engines are always looking to improve (indeed, head-to-head comparison tools like BingItOn are essentially a test of relevance).”

“But narrowing down informational options isn’t the only way to reduce choice and help us decide. One of the most common strategies people use to make choices is to rely on two groups with very different knowledge: friends and experts. And that is one of the big reasons for Bing’s Social Sidebar feature, which surfaces the opinions of friends and experts right alongside traditional search results,” he adds.

Bing Webmaster in the last of its six-part series talk about Tomorrow’s SEO–covering topics ranging from what technical aspects you’ll want to understand to skills you’ll need to be a top-tier SEO in the future.

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