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LeapTag: A News Reader And Content Discovery Tool

San Jose based LeapTag is a new bookmarking & content discovery site, part like del.icio.us and StumbleUpon. LeapTag allows you to define the things you’re interested in using tagging. For each interest you create a tag for, LeapTag will produce results that include news and blogs, and books. Even the ads you see will be relevant to your interest.

LeapTag runs in your browser tool bar, it’s currently in public beta and works best with the Firefox browser. It’ll also work with Internet Explorer 6 and 7 on a PC. However, on the Mac Platform, LeapTag works only with Firefox. You can download the application under:

Download: LeapTag Installer for PC, Beta | LeapTag Installer for Mac, Beta

Once downloaded and installed, As you browse the Internet you simply tag pages (called dynamic tagging) to associate web content with your interests, and it enables LeapTag to create a contextual definition of your interests. When LeapTag returns results, you can further refine your definition by voting positively or negatively on the items you see. This effectively says to LeapTag “I like this, bring me more results like this” or “I don’t like this, don’t bring me anymore like that.” This tagging/voting cycle teaches LeapTag and the more you use the tool the better and more relevant your results will become.

You will be able to use LeapTag to share your tags with friends. When you share a tag, each person you invite to join your group can tag the sites, articles etc. they are interested in, which will collaboratively grow the overall quality of the shared tag. Each member of the group can also comment on their votes, allowing the group to communicate about the items they tagged and the interest you are building together.


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