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KinectFusion Alternatives: ReconstructMe Automated 3D Model Recovery; Kinect Mix and Match; Kinect your Metro Style App

Kinect your Metro Style App

Following Microsoft Research’s demonstration of the KinectFusion, developers have been trying hard to replicate the mad science to give more people the ability to turn everyday objects into 3D models with just a Kinect sensor.

Kinect your Metro Style App, developed as a project in Imagine Cup competition, communicate with external environment via Kinect Sensor (at present with Kinect for Xbox 360, Kinect for Windows in a future blog post).

“Kinect SDK is implemented in only .Net and C++ code that’s not supported on Metro Style Application. So, we introduce middleware architecture with Publish-Subscribe pattern to handle communication between Kinect Sensor and Metro Style App.

We have use the EventAggregator implementation of PRISM project in codeplex http://compositewpf.codeplex.com. So, inside middleware part, we have two services loosely-coupled that one handle Kinect detected gesture and transfer it to a second part that command a Metro Style Application. Communication was based on W3C Web Socket protocol which supported by Metro Style App and .Net App. In Metro side, a HTML5 Web Worker was used to handle commands and manipulate metro application.

Our Metro Style Application is based on “Split Application Template” from Visual Studio 11 using JavaScript and run on Windows 8 Consumer Preview,” writes Greg Duncan.

Another project called “ReconstructMe” takes care of modeling your world. ReconstructMe is an intuitive 3D reconstruction system offering unique features:

Using Kinect to model your world with ReconstructMe

  • “Robust 3D real-time reconstruction
  • Accurate metric surface reconstruction
  • Multiple 3D sensor support
  • Cross-vendor 3D hardware support (AMD, NVIDIA and INTEL)
  • Offline reconstruction from existing file streams
  • Resuming reconstructions at any point in time
  • Surface export to common 3D file formats such as .stl or .obj,” Dunacan informs

The video below demonstrates how ReconstructMe successfully reconstructs an office-chair. The resulting 3D model is then fed into PROFACTOR’s 3D pose localization software to determine the location of the chair in space:

Finally, Kinect Mix and Match – the idea of the application is quite simple. “You have two files, one is called English and the other is called Other Language. They’re both different files and the idea is to match up the correct terms by hovering over the correct answer. You can put your names in any order, however you must put the matching number next to the term,” explains Duncan.

Kinect Mix and Match

See the video for more information:

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