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Keyword Research Tool, Webmaster API and More Added to the Bing Webmaster Tools – Coming Soon Bingbots’ Memoir

Bing Webmaster Center blog just posted about the four new Bing Webmaster tools features:

Organic Keyword research tool live now helps you do keyword research. For the data source for this tool, Bing built its own to run on organic search query volumes from Bing. “You simply type in your phrase, determine if you want an exact match to the phrase by selecting “strict” and hit the Search button. The results for the phrase you entered, and related phrases will appear on the page. You can select a date ranging back 6 months from the current date, and export the data as well. Filters exist to narrow down the information, allowing you to target down to a country/region or language as well,” Bing explains.

There’s also a History section that allows easy access to your last 25 researched phrases.

Bing Webmaster Organic Keyword Research tool

bing made available all its data through the Webmaster API — so “you can grab a copy and plug it into your favorite dashboard to view your data where you work most,” bing said. The API access point can be found near the Preferences section.

Message alert setup – available from the Preferences section, lets you set email alert permission, and specify an email address. “You can choose whichever email address you like, specify the types of messages you’d like to get from us, and choose the frequency at which we email you.”

Bing Webmaster API and Message Alert

Average impression as trust indicator
“Inside the tools, in the Traffic section for your domain, you’ll see a list of keywords and the amount of traffic each keyword has sent you’re your site. To the right of this is a column labeled “Avg. Impression Position”,” Bing explains. “Keep an eye on this column. It’s no secret that we move your listing up and down, testing you in different locations. The key takeaway here is that as that number gets smaller, it means you’re closer to ranking at the top of the SERP,” bing added.

“You can use this information to understand how we view your site against that query. If you see your impression position – where we show you in the SERP – increasing, you’re doing the right things. If you see it decreasing, you may want to review your work, or check to see if your competition is getting ahead of you,” bing said.

Bing Webmaster Average Impression

Looking for Bingbot’s memoir to be titled “Oh man, the stuff I’ve seen…” — see you on April 1st next year.

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