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Introducing Apache Rave a New Web and Social Mashup Engine

The Apache Software Foundation announces the “Apache Rave,” a new open source web and social mashup engine that allows developers to build and engage with an array of social network technologies such as OpenSocial, W3C Widgets, and Activity Streams.

“The project started a year ago on March 1 2011, builds on open standards and leverages and aligns with other open source projects like Apache Shindig and Apache Wookie to deliver a lightweight, flexible, widget-based platform that easily scales across federated application integrations, social intranets, and multi-channel social communities with enhanced personalization and customized content delivery,” posted Mark Weitzel, President, OpenSocial Foundation on a Opensocial blog.

It will provide an out-of-the-box as well as an extendible lightweight Java platform to host, serve and aggregate (Open)Social Gadgets and services through a highly customizable and Web 2.0 friendly front-end.

Besides supporting the OpenSocial standard, Apache Rave generalized the concept of widgets to also, and transparently, support W3C Widgets. And through its open and pluggable API adding support for other widget containers and renderes can easily be added.

Rave is targeted as engine for internet and intranet portals and as building block to provide context-aware personalization and collaboration features for multi-site/multi-channel (mobile) oriented and content driven websites and (social) network oriented services and platforms.

Core features includes:

  1. Advanced OpenSocial compliance and optional features support
  2. OpenSocial persistence and SPI (Service Provider Interface) implementation
  3. Self-service application administration including security, gadget management and page templates
  4. User and group management with full privacy model
  5. Gadget repository with life-cycle management (install/update/remove) and extended meta data (categories, comments, ratings, etc.)
  6. Dynamic and highly customizable front-end engine (skins, pages, tabs, layouts, navigation)
  7. Full OAuth support
  8. Support for security restrictions on both Gadgets and page/tag/layout customizations
  9. Set of common and general purpose Gadgets to be usable out-of-the-box
  10. Support for inter-gadget messaging with examples

You can find more information about the Apache Rave project on the web site here.

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