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Internet Explorer: Using Frames More Securely

HTML frames (FRAMESETs and IFRAMEs) are a feature of all modern web browsers that enable content from multiple pages to be displayed within a single view. Historically, frames were primarily used to enable partial page updates, where page navigation was contained in one frame, and page content was contained in another. Over time, use of frames expanded to include advertising, mashup, and AJAX scenarios. Today, the majority of popular websites use IFRAMEs for myriad reasons.

From a security point of view, frames can help increase the security of web applications by creating isolation between content delivered from different sources. For instance, a Web mail account (http://mail.example.com) might choose to render HTML email within an IFRAME (http://untrusted.example.com/getmsg?msgid=1234) to ensure that any script in the HTML mail cannot execute in the context of the Web mail application delivered from mail.example.com. Instead, any script would execute in the context of the “untrusted.example.com” domain. This isolation prevents tampering with the Web mail UI, leaking user credentials and cookies, snooping on other messages, etc. 

For frames rendered in Internet Explorer 6 and later, security can be further increased by setting the frame’s SECURITY attribute to the value “restricted”.  Doing so causes Internet Explorer to treat the contents of the frame, regardless of their source, as content that should be rendered in the Restricted Sites Security Zone.  Frames running in the Restricted Sites zone cannot run script, invoke ActiveX controls, redirect to other sites, and so on. This technique is particularly useful in cases where the frame’s content cannot be assumed to be trustworthy (as in the case of web mail scenario above).

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